Cinematic Christmas Classics

We’re officially in the happiest time of the year where it is all about spending time with the people we love and enjoying some Christmas movies. Whether they are great or silly, Christmas movies can be touching and impactful. As an avid movie buff, here are some of the movies I think are the best to watch during the holiday season.

Home Alone

     It’s every kid’s dream to be home alone and have all the time to yourself — unless, of course, two bandits are trying to break into the house. This comedy set at Christmas follows a kid who is accidentally left behind when his family takes a trip to Paris. Despite the fun, he has to be creative when he decides to take on the burglars by himself by setting traps and outsmarting them. The film has developed a following even decades later and has also launched many sequels.


     An elf who looks for his father in New York City alone makes for an interesting story. Will Ferrell stars in the comedy about an elf named Buddy, who after finding out he was adopted, goes in search for his father. The quest leads him to New York City where he discovers his dad is on the naughty list. Buddy also has trouble adapting to the real world. Filled with constant laughs throughout the film and touching moments at times, this holiday classic is a must-watch.

The Polar Express

      “The Polar Express,” in my opinion, is one of the best Christmas movies because of the themes and the storyline. Based on a children’s book of the same name, the computer-animated film follows a kid who sees a train whose destination is the North Pole outside his house and decides to board it. Many children are inside as they go on a trip to visit Santa. Along the way they are faced with personal challenges as they try to rationalize their beliefs about Santa. It does not have as much comedy as the rest of these films, but it is rich in magic; and at its heart is a message of love of Christmas.

Die Hard

     This film has long been debated if it is a Christmas movie, but being set during Christmas it definitely feels like one. The film that raised the bar on Bruce Willis’ action career, it follows a police officer played by Willis, who attends a Christmas party with his estranged wife, and is caught in a heist by terrorists. Arguably one of the greatest action films of all time, the movie has many iconic performances and catchy lines that most anybody will enjoy (and probably recognize).

It’s a Wonderful Life

     A timeless classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is a film that shows the importance of life and to never give up. Set during Christmas Eve, the film follows George Bailey (played by James Stewart) as a banker who becomes suicidal after believing that a rich, cruel man plans to take over the town and the company his father founded is about to collapse due to a misplaced bank deposit. Bailey receives a visit from an angel named Clarence who helps show him his worth and the impact he has had on others. The film is one to watch any time, but especially during Christmas, and it’s hard not to feel emotional after watching it.

     Obviously this is only a partial list of all the great Christmas movies that make this season bright. Share your favorites with us either here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at


By Chris Peña, Flare Section Editor