Christmas Special Edition

We’re officially in the happiest time of the year where it is all about spending time with the people we love and enjoying some Christmas movies. Whether they are great or silly, Christmas movies can be touching and impactful. As an avid movie buff, here are some of the movies I think are the best to watch during the holiday season.  Click to read more



Several KC Employees graciously shared their Christmas traditions with The Flare Staff via e-mail recently. Here are some of those selections. A favorite holiday memory for myself and my cousins comes thanks to my Grandfather. He would sneak me and my cousins out on Christmas afternoon and take us all to see a movie that we would normally not be allowed to go watch.   Click to read more



The movie going experience is a problem in the United States in terms of ticket prices. Throughout the years, there have been record-breaking films that have shattered the box office but that does not mean there is also record-breaking numbers in terms of people going to the movies more. Many argue that it is very expensive to go to the theaters in terms of how much one pays per ticket or in concessions. Although there are many reasons to attribute this problem such as the latter, one way this would vastly improve is lowering the amount one pays for a ticket. The lower the price one has to pay, the more people will go to the theater and truly enjoy the experience.   Click to read more


Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you can still enjoy The Flare’s Christmas Playlist by scanning the Spotify code onto your smart device. Unlike Santa, we don’t judge. (But don’t tell him we said that!).