PTK’s “Friends-giving”

Phi Theta Kappa will be hosting a “Friends-giving” on Friday, November 22 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Devall Student Center Ballroom. The event will be sponsored by donations received from various clubs and organizations on campus.

The ultimate goal of the event is for students to come together “as one to address the needs of our fellow classmates” by “[demonstrating] the meaning of Thanksgiving” and “combating the struggles of socio-economic communities beginning with our students.”

In addition to the potluck, PTK is also creating student care boxes. Christian Monsivais, PTK President, highlighted that KC has about “60 students that will be staying on campus without any access to food supply and possibly everyday necessities,” so, it is for this reason that PTK is asking for aid from students, faculty, and community members.

“We would like to ask any organization or fellow students for volunteer donations in everyday essentials to make care boxes for our students,” which will be presented during the event.

For additional information, please contact either Gracie Krug, Vice-President of Fellowship, or Ana Macedo, Vice-President of Service.



By Hunter Madewell Flare Reporter