FITC Extended: Get to know KC-Connection

The KC Connection is an a cappella group that represents Kilgore College at various functions. Most recently, one could catch the five members performing “Suddenly I See” by KT Tunstall at Rangerette Revels 2019. Flare staff writer Ryan Wayne caught up with them backstage before a rehearsal.


by Destiny Baldwin
KC Connection is (from left): Alexis Chandler, 20, from Longview; Major – Kinesiology; Julia McCauley: 19, from Kilgore; Major – Music Education/Performance; Amber Poe: 32, from Gladewater;  KC Graduate- 2016; Georgia Shelton: 20, from Lafayette, La.; Major – Music Education (vocal); Troy Ezell, sophomore from Kilgore; Major: Religious Studies (beat-box). Photo by Destiny Baldwin.

How did you get to be a part of KC Connection?

– Alexis: “Dr. Marshall asked me if I would like to be in KC Connection.”

– Georgia: “I became a member of KC Connection by auditioning as soon as I heard that the ensemble was coming back. I was very eager to be part of such a cool group.”

– Amber: “The group needed someone to step in and fulfill a roll and I was contacted by a faculty member.”

– Julia: “Dr. Marshall recruited me for KC Connection in the second semester of my freshman year.”


Briefly describe your experience with KC Connection.

– Alexis: “My experience being in KC Connection has helped me become more confident as a performer, and has helped me meet a lot of new wonderful people along the way.”

– Georgia: “Being part of KC Connection has opened up many opportunities for me to perform in settings outside of my comfort zone.”

– Amber: “I have very much enjoyed working with these young ladies (and the gentleman) as well as Dr. Marshall. They are all very hard working and talented individuals.”

– Julia: “Being in this group has allowed me to venture out of my shell and become a better team player.”


What is the hardest part about singing a cappella?

– Alexis: “The hardest part about singing a cappella is trying not to go off pitch. Its difficult when you don’t have actual instruments to help you stay on the correct note.”

– Georgia: “The hardest part about singing a Capella is staying perfectly in tune with each other when you don’t have the help of an instrument.”

– Amber: “The hardest part of a cappella singing is learning to listen to the other ensemble members and blending all while staying on pitch.”

– Julia: “Blending! No two people have the exact same tone or vowel shapes, so it takes a lot of listening to get a good match.”


What is your favorite part about being in KC Connection?

– Alexis: “My favorite part about being in KC Connection is the awesome opportunities that come our way because of our hard work.”

– Georgia: “My favorite part of being a member of KC connection is doing what I love with others that love it just as much as I do. Also, having the opportunity to be a part of our community and to be an ambassador for Kilgore College.”

– Amber: “My favorite part of helping this group has been meeting the other members as well as allowing the vocal department to receive the attention it deserves by being a part of something as big as revels.

– Julia: “Being in KC Connection pushes me as a musician. I love being challenged!”


Do the each of you intend on singing in the future?

– Alexis: “I do intend on singing in the future, but more for myself. I want a career in kinesiology, so I want to focus on that.”

– Georgia: “I plan to pursue singing for the rest of my life and become the best musician I can be.”

– Amber: “I am currently working on a bachelors of music education at UT Tyler and will eventually teach or one day begin my own studio teaching voice etc…”

– Julia: “ Absolutely! Singing is my passion!”


For those majoring in music, where do you hope your singing career takes you?

– Georgia: “I hope that someday I can touch many lives with my ability God has gifted me with and use it to train up my future student to become the best version of themselves.”

– Julia: “I hope to become a choral director at a junior college or university.”


For those not in a music-centered major, do you plan to involve music in some

part of your life?

– Alexis: “I may take up singing gigs or singing at a local church if the opportunity presents itself.”


Have any of you ever performed in a venue or show like Revels?

– Alexis: “I have never performed at an event such as Revels. I’m very grateful for the chance to sing at such a big event.”

– Georgia: “I have never had the opportunity to perform in a venue quite like the revels before and it is amazing and exciting for us as a group.”

– Amber: “I have performed in numerous venues throughout my life. Not quite like revels but smaller versions. Also the UT choir sang with the Longview orchestra and that was an amazing experience.”

– Julia: “I have never had a performing experience quite like this.”


What is it like to be a part of a show like this?

– Alexis: “It’s really cool to see Revels behind the scenes. You can tell everyone involved worked really hard to make the show happen.”

– Georgia: “Being invited to sing in the Rangerette revels was a huge opportunity that we took very seriously and worked very diligently to prepare for.”

– Amber: “I am really excited that KC Connection is a part of the revels this year. It is an honor to share the stage with the Rangerettes. I hope that people will see our performance and be inspired to pursue their own musical aspirations.”

– Julia: “It is overwhelming in the best way. The Rangerette family has been so good to us, and we are so grateful for such a great opportunity!”


What has the group done to prepare for the show? What have you done as individuals?

– Alexis: “KC Connection has rehearsed a lot for Revels. Preparing for the show takes a lot of individual practice as well. Our members have worked very hard to perfect our song and make our director proud, as we wouldn’t be here without him.”

– Georgia: “KC Connection has had extra rehearsals taken out of our busy schedules (even during other ensembles) and have worked individually on our own parts to make sure it was as clean and polished as possible in the short few weeks we’ve had the piece.”

– Amber: “This group has worked hard in class as well as a lot of individual part work outside of class. With one person to a part and a cappella, it takes a lot of repetition to really be comfortable and solid in the notes.”

– Julia: “We have worked countless hours both in class and individually. This piece was much more difficult than we anticipated, but with the amazing guidance of Dr. Marshall and our individual efforts, we have created something to be proud of.”


Is there anything I have left out that you would like people to know about your performance in Revels or KC Connection in general?

– Georgia: “We hope that everyone who hears us will truly enjoy our work and that it will encourage more to reach out to us to sing at their events!”

– Amber: “I hope that everyone enjoys hearing our performance as much as we enjoy sharing our passion for music with them.”