No perfect way to search for perfection

Relationship_by_Grant WorleyPhoto by Grant Worley / THE FLARE

The ideal mate is a concept that most of us have been thinking about for the majority of our lives, rather it be our parents, grandparents, or friends we have decided what our favorite parts of someone’s personality were. Finding someone that meets the criteria is not always an easy task.

When thinking about the concept of an ideal partner the first thing we gravitate to is loyalty. Finding someone you trust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. It’s impossible to build a long lasting relationship with someone who has betrayed your trust, or given you any sign as to why you can’t trust them. You shouldn’t be with someone you feel like you constantly have to keep on a leash.

Consider someone who’s sensitive to you and your feelings. You want someone who is going to be understanding and respectful of your emotions. being sensitive doesn’t make you look weak it shows your partner that you are considerate and empathetic and ultimately that you deeply care for them.

You want someone to make you laugh, a sense of humor is always important. No one wants to be in a dull relationship. Continue to be humorous throughout the relationship. treat everyday like it’s an adventure and go out and experience new things, Show your partner that you’re excited to have them in your life!

Ambition is always attractive. Finding a partner who knows what they want and chases after it is comforting and inspiring. A partner with ambition shows you that they have persistence, experience, discipline, determination, and creativity. Ambition naturally leads to those attributes that are essential to success.

The ideal partner is willing to be open with you! A partner who is approachable and receptive to feedback can be a huge aspect of a lasting relationship. When your partner is free-thinking and open-minded, it enables them to express their thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires, which allows you to truly know your partner.

Independence is a huge factor in a relationship. In a relationship both parties should value each other’s interests separate from their own. An independent partner is someone who is sensitive to the other’s wants, needs, and desires. The ideal independent partner will allow you to be a separate person without trying to change you.

A respectful partner is someone who doesn’t try to control you with threatening or manipulative behavior. They are respectful of your boundaries, while at the same time being close to you.

Keep in mind the perfect relationship does not exist and many of these qualities aren’t apparent when we first meet someone. Take the time to get to know your partner and each layer of their personality