REVIEW: The Rage Room in Longview, a smashing good time

Rage RoomPhotos by Tina Marie Reed

Every time I tried to turn the steering wheel in my car, the pain in my wrists and knuckles reminded me of what I had done the night before. No, I hadn’t been inducted into an underground fight club; I went and destroyed a room of objects with a baseball bat.

The Rage Room in Longview is the place a person can go to if they have a bad day or to get their frustrations out. You could call it what it says on the business’ Facebook page: alternative therapy. This is probably the only chance in your life to destroy everything in a room and it is totally allowed and worth the price of entry.

Owners, Kevin and Ashton Rossow, got the idea from a Rage Room in Canada.

“I figured nobody else would bring it to Longview, so we did,” Kevin said.

One of the best parts of the experience is the choice of weapons: baseball bats, crowbars, golf clubs, a sledge hammer and a large pipe wrench. Next, you put on protective suits, gloves, face mask and a body shield; then, you begin your shopping. Shopping consists of picking out your items. The amount and size of items you receive depend on the package you purchase.

Kevin said the best deal would have to be the Super Smash Party Package.

This Package allows four people to enter the room and destroy 20 small items, 12 medium items, eight large items and two electronics. This comes out to $79.99, and if you split that up between four people, it comes out to about the price of a Starter Rage Package, which is one person and five small items. So, the best value and idea is to rage together.

When I entered, Kevin was super open and inviting. He set me up into the Office Space package, which included a selection of items from the shopping area, and a printer. In the shopping area, a large blue bottle caught my eye, so of course I had to grab that, the rest of my items were beer bottles, vases, plates and a Mason jar.

I entered the rage room, and was delighted to know I could hook up the music of my choice to the bluetooth speaker in the room. Also, there is no need to worry about bothering anybody with the noise you create since there is only one room to rage in, and appointments have to be made ahead of time.

Kevin suggests playing music during your rage because it helps take away the awkwardness while breaking items. I have to agree. I mean, the thought of doing something you’re not usually allowed to do is awkward enough, but once you blast your music and get in the zone, the smashing commences.

I turned on Tyler, the Creator, set up my items and destroyed everything.

I think my favorite part was grand slamming a printer into the wall, running over to it, and beating it like it had tried to mug me.

During the time I was swinging the bat, everything was out of my mind except for the repetitive action of smashing the printer or glass around me. I was going so crazy that it took me a minute to realize my torso was hurting and I was sweating so bad my hair was damp. This was 15 minutes in and I had 15 minutes left. With the rest of my time I took the opportunity to snap some selfies while looking super hardcore in my white protective suit and holding the bat. I’m not going to lie, I felt like I could have been some sort of super hero vigilante. Unfortunately, Bat Girl is already taken.

My favorite weapon to use was the bat. It was more familiar to me than the rest of the tools and had a nice even weight. The only other tool I used was the crowbar, but I didn’t like it because I would have to pry it from the printer every time I swung. I was too afraid to use the golf clubs because I was worried I would bend them on accident and I felt I was too weak to handle the other weapons.

One of my concerns was having glass stuck in the bottom of my shoes, but from what I could see and feel, I could not find any.

In conclusion, I would have to say I had the best night of sleep I have had in a very long time. This isn’t just therapy; it’s a workout, a way to have fun and also perfect to do with friends.

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