Judgment Day preacher speaks up on KC campus

At noon today around 30 students gathered in protest against self-proclaimed saint, Jesse Morrell, while he preached at students and stood on his soapbox labeled “Judgment Day.”
During his time stationed in the Mike Miller Plaza in front of the Devall Student Center, Morrell preached against homosexuality and drinking, while saying the campus needs Jesus.

Tori Gannon, Longview Freshman, protests against self-proclaimed saint Jesse Morrell with Bible verses.

“This campus needs a spanking with the scriptures,” he yelled at students.

Students around him shouted obscenities and Bible verses. Some sang gospel songs to combat his speech. Two students, Tori Gannon, Longview freshman, and Kassey McDonald, Kilgore freshman, counteracted his words with Bible scriptures that described Jesus as loving and compassionate.

KC admissions counselor, Wade Cates, said it was Morrell’s First Amendment right to be on campus

“He is allowed to be here,” Cates said. “We cannot force him to leave. If you do not like it, just walk away. Walk away.”

Morrell said he has spent the last 10 years traveling to more than 100 college campuses, preaching to students. His business card lists him as a missionary with Open Air Outreach.


Photo by Richard Nguyen

Video by Meaghan Morton