KC-Longview campus lockdown


The KC-Longview campus has been placed under temporary lockdown as LPD searches for fugitive Michael Rotunno. He is a 30-year old white male.

Rotunno was spotted around 9 a.m this morning off Mcann Rd. wearing grey cargo shorts and carrying a grey hoodie. He escaped a transportation vehicle en route to a Florida jail in early morning hours.

Longview police officers are searching for Rotunno and KC Longview will remain on lockdown as a precaution until further notice. LPD spokeswoman Kristie Brian encourages anyone who knows any information to contact the police department as soon as possible. She also warns that fugitives must be presumed to be dangerous and possibly armed.


UPDATE: As of 12:07 p.m. the lockdown has been lifted from KC-Longview