Period after Spring Break vital to final grades

Flare illustration by Cody Davis.
Flare illustration by Cody Davis.

Now that spring break has ended, it is time to get back in the swing of things.

The vacation that was supposed to go by slowly actually flew by.

It is already back to homework, exams and constantly feeling tired.

If students could buckle down and study, then all would all be fine.

Instead, most would rather relax and do all the things they were doing over spring break for a little longer.

Breaking the post spring break “blahs” is a difficult task. Many students come back from break feeling this way, but here are a few helpful hints to getting back into the school routine:

Cori Newsom wrote on that students need to prepare for battle. Coming back from a week with nothing to do and suddenly being swamped with homework and tests may cause students to become overly stressed. It is important to always know what your goals are and figure out your schedule in advance.

Also it is not recommended to pull all-nighters studying for an exam. Recharging your batteries is a necessity for students to do well in all aspects of life.

Emily Elling posted on that a good way to fight these “blahs” is to bring nature inside. Buy yourself some fresh flowers and bring the sights and smells of springtime to your home to lift your spirits.

Another great idea is to treat yourself every now and then. A new haircut or brand new pair of shorts for spring will surely brighten your mood just in time to finish out the semester.

If you are the type of person who likes to find motivation to get you through things, then begin planning a summer vacation.

During these long and dreary days of studying, research a place to go with a friend or loved one. The excitement about your summer trip should motivate you to work hard the rest of the semester.

And if nothing else works, remember there are only 28 school days until the last day of the Spring Semester!