‘Mama Judy’ lends a hand to students, visitors in Devall Center

Photo by Karyn Sage / THE FLARE Judy DeRouenis one of the most visible faces of KC.
Photo by Karyn Sage / THE FLARE
Judy DeRouenis one of the most visible faces of KC.

For many students, “Mama Judy” in the Devall Center is the face of KC.
She has worked at the visitor kiosk since the college posted the job opening on the college website four years ago. DeRouen, ready to come out of retirement, took this as her chance to do so and filled out the application.
DeRouen got the call to interview from Eloise Ashley, new student relations associate director. After her interview, Eloise told her to come back and that was being offered the job.
DeRouen has been working at KC since then, and said she loves every second of it. Being able to work with students was, and still is, her dream job.
The job consist of managing the Visitor Center, training and supervising student workers, assisting in selection and ongoing training of Ranger ambassadors, assisting prospective students with the application process, coordinating campus tours, support specialist for the New Student Relations department, greeting all visitors and keeping an inviting atmosphere in the Visitor Center so prospective students and families would want to become KC Rangers.
DeRouen said she likes being able to work with both students and prospective students.
Being able to interact with all the students, and making it easier for prospective students to find information,” is her favorite part of her job.
DeRouen said she takes an interest in everyone because everyone has a story and she gets to “hear all, see all.” She feels that everyone is special in their own way and to her.
She also possesses a lot of school spirit. She said she supports all of the athletes, comes to their games and makes signs. She says she is one of the Rangers’ biggest fan.
She said the questions she is asked can be funny at time; for example “Do you have a pay phone,” but every question has an answer.
She feels that if she can make a student’s day better with just a simple good morning or good afternoon, it makes her job worth it. Mama Judy welcomes everyone at the Visitor Center.