Editorial: Reinstated Criminal Justice degree good move

The KC Board of Trustees recently approved reviving the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Criminal Justice. The course is set to begin Fall 2014 at KC.
This program is designed for students who enter the program upon high school graduation, and non-traditional students who want to be a part of the program after graduation from the Basic Peace Officer Course. This program also will ultimately increase enrollment opportunities for students who are currently deployed on active military duty.
The program was terminated in 2005 at KC because of a short-lived push by the Commission on Law Enforcement in the early 2000s. The statute attempted to require a bachelor’s degree for basic licensure. Now the program is back and it has the potential to be stronger and more effective than ever before. New students who successfully complete the four-semester, 60-hour program will graduate with an associate’s degree in criminal justice and will hold the certification necessary to become peace officers in the state of Texas.
Kim Vickers, executive director of the AAS program, believes that the KC police academy is the best academy in the state of Texas.
“I immediately agreed to the proposal to add this program to KC. It is definitely a top-shelf program in the state,” said Vickers.
This new degree will fall under the Business, Technology, Language Development and Public Services Division at KC.
Michael Ferguson is doing everything he can to make sure this program will be a success.
“This program is designed as a practitioner- focused, rather than theory-focused, degree,” Ferguson said. “We are talking with highly qualified people who currently work in law enforcement field whom we want to hire to teach specific courses for this degree.”
The new program is sure to be a big success at KC. We support and stand beside this program, and we applaud the KC board for approving this proposal.