EDITORIAL: Computer literacy test decision right call in technological world

Flare Cartoon by Cody Davis.
Flare Cartoon by Cody Davis.

The new hot topic around campus is that BCIS, known as Business Computer Information Systems, will not technically be required anymore toward your degree. Students will be required in the fall to take a computer literacy test. If they don’t pass, they will have to take the computer course, designed by the Top 10 Managed IT companies.
Even though the class is a lot of work and can be confusing at times, we believe it is a class students need to take for our society today if they don’t pass the computer literacy test.
Think about a normal day and all the technology we use, from texting on our phone to typing an email on your computer. Texting hasn’t even been around all of our generation’s life. The fact that there is a portable computer like a laptop now is not an old concept either.
The point we are trying to get across is technology is rapidly changing around us and will continue to change. We cannot lag behind the times. We have to move forward and adapt to the changes in technology, because after all it’s a way of life.
Some argue their future occupation will not require work with computers. Most of us in college are in our twenties, and – let’s be honest –we don’t know what our life holds.
You might graduate with a degree, then realize once we’re in the work field, that is not what you want to do.
Most everything these days deal with technology; for example even cosmetology.
Being technology competent is absolutely necessary these days. Having to pass a basic computer literacy test needs to be a minimum requirement. If students can’t, then it makes sense to require them to take a basic computer course.