Students face fines for smoking in non-designated areas

Web Editor

KC has several different designated smoking areas around campus. Students should smoke only in one of the 16 designated areas to avoid a fine.

“There were some who recommended going to a completely tobacco-free campus,” said Bill Holda, KC president. “We felt that the designated area approach might be a good compromise for both smokers and non-smokers alike.”

According to KC Police Department, the first fine for smoking outside of a designated smoking area is $25, and the second fine is $50.

“I don’t like smoking; it bothers me. I hate the smoke and the smell,” Jarkmarkus Boyd, Ore City freshman, said. “Vapor pens don’t bother me though. There is one guy in my class that uses it, and I like it because it doesn’t have a smell. You can only see the vapors,”

According to Holda, if students display a lack of regard for smoking rules, it could reignite the tobacco-free discussion.

Shelby Ragland / THE FLARE