Nurses’ group aims to give back

Assistant Editor

The goal of the KC Student Nurses Association is service and giving back to the college, as well as the community.

The SNA currently has between 80 and 100 members according to Julie Blundell, the organization’s sponsor.

“Historically, Kilgore College has the largest Student Nurses Association associate degree program,” said Blundell.

Like most clubs, the SNA has a board of officers that helps to organize events and oversee projects throughout the year. Officers include president Ernesto Guevara, vice president Brittany Bryant, secretary Delaney Newman, treasurer Bridget Witherspoon and co-treasurer Dana Hass, as well as level officers.

The nursing department is broken down into four levels.

Each level represents a semester of the two-year degree program. These levels each have a representative on the officer panel. The level officers for this semester are Level IV Ally Gideon, Level III Amanda Peables, and Level I Kaylee Mitcham. There is no Level II representative this semester as a result of how the semesters are organized within the degree program.

The organization is very active in community service. In addition to working with Gus Lafosse and his homeless outreach program, the SNA organizes nursing scholarships, assembles buddy packs for needy school children and travels to businesses administering $20 flu shots so that people don’t have to take off work to get vaccinated.

The last round of flu shots given went to 600 people, according to Blundell. The association is currently working on organizing a supplies fundraiser for new nursing students and establishing a mentorship program for underclassmen.

The Student Nurses Association has won many awards for its work in community service.

Generally, the organization takes two trips each year, the first of these trips being to the Council of Schools in Austin. The convention features keynote speakers, module classroom learning sessions, opportunities to mingle with other nursing students and brainstorming sessions to cultivate ideas for fundraisers and new service projects. The second convention takes place during the Spring Semester.

Presently, the SNA is preparing to participate in a Zombie Run fundraiser later this month.