Valentine’s Day: a guide for all you single pringles

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Photo Illustration by Marci Wells / THE FLARE
Photo Illustration by Marci Wells / THE FLARE

Couples. You see them holding hands when walking down the hall, posting “cute” pictures on Facebook and Instagram, tweeting how much they love each other, or you hear your friends talking about their boyfriend/girlfriend and what amazingly awesome plans they have on February 14th.

But what about all those other single pringles that will spend the day alone? Are they just supposed to cry in the corner because they don’t have a significant other to buy them chocolate, flowers, spend the day with or any other Valentine-y gift?


Here’s a few ideas that you can participate in so you don’t feel like you’re #foreveralone.

 What to do

1. Throw a “Singles Awareness Party.” Invite some of your single friends and have a Secret Santa in February. Set a max-min spending limit and this will ensure you get a gift of love this Valentine’s Day.

2. Host a party where you invite your single friends and then your friends invite one of their single friends of the opposite sex. Meet new people without the worry of their already being in a relationship, and if nothing else comes out of it, you’ll have new friends.

3. Get a heart-shaped piñata to get stress–I mean–candy out.

4. Watch “Sixteen Candles,“ “Pretty Woman,“ “Say Anything“ (you know the movie with the guy standing in the girls front yard holding the radio up to her window), “The Vow,“ “A Walk To Remember“ and lastly “Valentine’s Day!“

5. If you feel like just chilling at the house or dorm, bust out the two men who will never leave you: Ben & Jerry and blast Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.”

6. What better way to spend the day of “love” than spreading it through volunteer work? Go visit the local nursing home, hospital, animal rescue center or homeless shelter.

7. They say all is fair in love and war, so why not have both? Gather a co-ed group of friends (including crushes) and duke it out in bowling, Putt-Putt or a video game competition.

What KC is doing for Valentine’s Day

What are your views on Valentine’s Day?

  • Yovany Arvizu, Waxahachie sophomore: It’s really not a big deal, but it is fun and brings couples together.
  • Gena Andrews, Kilgore sophomore: I think it’s overrated. People put too much of their feelings and emotions into it. I could definitely live without it.
  • Dylan Nixon, Kilgore sophomore: If you choose that one day to do something special for your girlfriend then you’re not doing something right all the other days of the year.

What is your best Valentine’s Day experience?

  • YA: Last year’s because I was single.
  • GA: Last year, because my dad showered me with candy and gifts.
  • DN: When I surprised my girlfriend by getting off work early so I was able to spend Valentine’s night with her.

What would you do if you were in a relationship?

  • YA: I probably  would be going on a date somewhere nice with my lady friend.
  • GA: I’d hope that my boyfriend would take me out to dinner, buy me roses and treat me like a queen.
  • DN: I would take her to eat wherever she wanted to go or maybe grill some steaks and then watch a movie at the house.

What is your worst Valentine’s Day Experience?

  • YA: Two years ago because I was in a relationship.
  • GA: Two years ago when I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me on Valentine’s, and Valentine’s is the day we started dating my ninth grade year. How ironic.
  • DN: I don’t usually have bad Valentine’s days, I try to find a way to make them good.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

  • YA: Going to class and then playing Ping-Pong.
  • GA: I am having a girl’s day with all of my other single friends. We are going to buy a lot of candy and watch movies!
  • DN: Take my mom out for a nice dinner.

On Valentine’s Day

  • If you have a special someone or crush, Art Club is selling colorful carnations in the Devall Student Center and in front of the Watson Library for $2.
  • PTK is also selling carnations with an attached card and Hershey’s Kiss for $1. Members will be walking around campus selling the bundle.

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