Senator Williams reflects on KC, job

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He wore a white button- down shirt, a navy and yellow striped tie and sat comfortably in the chair at the end of the conference table. His expression revealed one of a very long day, but he was enthusiastic as he began to answer questions from anxious reporters.

Texas Senator and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Tommy Williams (R-The Woodlands) was born and raised in Marshall. He attended KC in the fall of 1974 after graduating from Marshall High School.

“I was 17 when I graduated from high school and I don’t think my mother wanted me going off until I was 18,” Williams said. “Kilgore has a great reputation and I think that was important. I think it was a good decision and I got off to a good start thanks to Kilgore.”

Williams attended KC for one semester before transferring to Texas A&M University to major in accounting. After graduating from A&M in 1978, Williams began a career in industry and public accounting prior to entering the insurance and financial services field in 1983.

Williams is now the president of Woodforest Financial Services in The Woodlands.

Dr. Bill Holda, KC president, asked Williams about transferring credits back to KC to receive his associate’s degree.

“If it’s important to Dr. Holda, I will think about doing that,” Williams said.

Not only is Williams a Texas Senator and Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, he also serves as a member of the State Affairs Committee, Administration Committee and Open Government Committee.

“If you aren’t a little intimidated by this job as the person who got it, then you probably don’t know what you’ve gotten yourself into. It’s a big job and like so many things in life I can only do it because I’ve got great people that support me,” Williams said. “I’ve got a great staff that get the job done and I have a great committee of 14 other members who are all very experienced legislators, who are very interested in public policy and doing the right thing.”

Williams and 30 other Senators are spending countless hours in the Capitol to ensure decisions are made and action is taken.

“When you stop and think about what we do here, it’s pretty surprising in 140 days and we spend a lot of time on the front ends getting ready,” Williams said. “We couldn’t do our jobs if it were not for all those people who support our efforts. We, as Texans, can be very proud of the way that is set up.”

Note:  Tommy Williams is the brother of Edward Williams, KC director of residential life.

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