Graphic arts offering new design course

Kelly Gillit
Staff Writer

With another semester’s class registration looming, students may find a Web Design II class piquing their interests.

Jayson Lane, KC graduate and Creative Developer at Cypress Interactive, will be teaching students mobile interface design this coming spring. Students will learn the process of designing an app for all three major platforms: iPhone, iPad and Android.

“I’ve always been passionate about interface design,” Lane said. “The web industry has seen a major shift in focus toward mobile web and app design and development.”

The class is not required by the graphic design program, but Lane said the class may be a resume enhancer in the technology-filled future.

“The ability for designers to show that they can work with small screen sizes and with a variety of end-users in mind is a huge selling point for them,” Lane said. “I feel it will add depth and flexibility to their portfolios making them more attractive to potential employers.”

For more information about the class requirements or the graphic design program, contact Coy Lothrop, unit head for graphic design and advertising, at

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