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Gabriel Espinosa / THE FLARE || From left: Dustin Kincaide (as Emperor Joseph II), Joshua Wallace (as Antonio Salieri) and Trent Bennett (as Amadeus Mozart) rehearse for their upcoming production of “Amadeus.” The play premieres 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28, and features 18th century costumes and the music of Mozart.

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It does not matter how remarkable an actor, singer, musician or model is; there is always someone better. Sometimes whenever two of the best come in contact, controversy occurs. Such is the case in the plot of KC Theatre Department’s production of “Amadeus.”

The cast and crew are working every day to ensure the highest quality of their performance of “Amadeus” by Peter Shaffer. The play premieres 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28, and continues playing at 7:30 p.m. through Saturday, Dec. 1, followed by a 2:30 p.m. matinee Sunday, Dec. 2, in the Van Cliburn Auditorium.

“Amadeus” combines history and fiction about the rivalry between two famous composers–Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The drama starts with an elderly Salieri explaining his reasons on his belief that he killed Mozart.

Salieri was impressed with Mozart’s compositions until he learned that Mozart’s personality did not match the beauty of his music. Salieri is upset that God would give the talent to compose beautiful music to someone who did not follow Catholic teachings. Salieri then pretends to be Mozart’s friend while plotting to murder him.

This play takes place in 18th century Vienna and requires a strong ensemble, large cast and is highly technical. The cyclorama will be used to give the sense of different locations throughout the play such as Salieri’s apartment and a Vienna street. There are plenty of light cues, sound cues and projections.

The drama also features elaborate 18th century costumes and the music of Mozart.

The set will not have any doors or walls, but will feature a deck made to look like wood flooring or marble, two Corinthian columns and a chandelier. The students have constructed floors and columns.

Set designer/instructor Michael Atkins has been working with theatre all his life but has been teaching for 25 years. During class time Atkins directs students in set construction.

Director Kathy Barber said this is a powerful dramatic play, and the students are doing a great job.

Tickets are $6 for adults, $5 for students of all ages and $4 for KC students with their I.D. The door opens an hour before each performance; late arrivals will not be admitted. Since the play contains adult material and adult language, Barber recommends no one under age 14 attend. Children under 6 will not be admitted.

Call 903-983-8126 to reserve tickets.

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