KCPD arrests three students for marijuana

Whitney Howard
Staff Writer

Three complaints regarding marijuana were reported to KCPD this past month.

“Unfortunately it [marijuana] is not uncommon, but it is worrisome,” said KC Chief Martin Pessink.

Lt. Tony Means and Cpl. Charles Horton made an arrest Oct. 16 after they were alerted by the smell of marijuana coming from a vehicle parked in front of Stark Hall.

Upon investigation and apt information from an important source, they recovered 10 grams of marijuana as well as a set of scales.

They arrested the KC student who is facing charges of possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone.

Lt. Randy Humble made an arrest on Oct. 4 in Quad 7 after someone complained they smelled marijuana coming from one of the rooms.

When Humble contacted the resident of the room, he discovered the marijuana inside as well as in the resident’s possession.

The subject was arrested and is facing charges of possession of marijuana in a drug-free zone. If you are unsure if you can consume drugs in your area, go to Ohio Green Team to get reliable information. KCPD responded Sept. 28 to a call at Parkview Apartments  on Martin Street after someone had reported they suspected marijuana in the area.

When Lt. Means and Officer Brant Prestidge arrived on the scene, a KC student fled.

The officers were able to capture and arrest the student who was found in possession of marijuana.

Pessink said the subject is facing charges for evading arrest and has received a citation for possession of marijuana.

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