Hey, you! Yes, you! Get involved to gain the most from KC

Illustration by Kelly Gillit / THE FLARE

What does the college experience mean to you? According to thecollegeexperience.net, it is engaging in “everything college life has to offer,” which would seem like an easy concept to grasp; however, if you were to ask yourself what your dream college experience would look like, what would your brain come up with?
Maybe you see yourself doing a double back-flip slam-dunk over the heads of the rival basketball team. Perhaps you fancy testing your valor in the Art Club, or maybe the movie Animal House comes to mind. Whatever your modus operandi may be, the only way to live your dream is to become involved.
“Meaningful human connection and interaction is a skill just as necessary as some technical ability, acquired knowledge or learned material,” said Dr. Bill Holda, KC president.
Just as one must work hard to receive a good education, hard work must also be applied to reap the benefits of a rich social understanding.
“So much of one’s college education (learning how to interact with different personalities, dealing positively with conflict, etc.) occurs outside of the classroom. Thus, students who do not engage socially miss out on an entire component of the overall college experience,” said Dr. Mike Jenkins, vice president of student involvement.
A common problem voiced most by students, especially in a community college, is that no one knows how to become involved.
So many students immediately leave campus after class lets out to play video games, watch television, etc. College is the time to leave the comfort zone developed in high school.
Most every college has a club for just about every interest imaginable. KC’s official clubs include everything from Rad Science to Texas Management and Marketing Association and everything in between.
The unofficial “groups,” which take a little searching to find, are a little more abstract. For instance, rumor has it that there is a role-playing group where Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts meet to slay dragons, develop characters, etc.
KC’s Organizations Fair during KC Kickoff on Sept. 6 will offer a chance for students to learn more about extra-curricular activities. Student Life is planning to have representatives from each group on hand to greet students.
A social gathering exists for everyone, and having a like-minded support group is the key to success in college. Aristotle once said that “friendship is essentially a partnership.” Any cooperation one can maintain is very well capable of lessening the load of stress on the mind, and college does in fact tend to be stress inducing.
Find a support group. Be involved. Become supported by providing support. Live your dream college experience.

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