Review: Revels 2017 ‘The Sky’s the Limit’

Photo by Tiffany Johnson The ’Rettes dazzle Dodson Auditorium with the production of Revels, “The Sky’s the Limit” while paying tribute to the late Deana Bolton-Covin, the second instructor of the Rangerettes, who died during the summer of 2016. When you jump on the ‘Rette Jet 767, buckle up and brace yourself for airport glitz […]

Green Day Review

Green Day is still breathing, as singer Billie Joe Armstrong will remind you in the seventh track on their 12th studio album, “Revolution Radio,” which dropped Oct. 7. The best thing about Green Day is their loyalty to their music. They keep making it, even if it doesn’t break any new ground. Musically, there aren’t […]