iProtocol: Phone Etiquette

Cell phones are everywhere and it seems that everyone has one. From those as young as six to octogenarians, a cell phone seems to be permanently attached to their hands. With this popularity comes a new set of problems; when and where it is appropriate to use them? A cell phone can be used to […]

Freedom and Accountability

Freedom and liberty. The words invoke several meanings and emotions to different people. They are some of the first values we come to learn and respect at a young age in the United States — their concepts taught as intrinsic to our way of life, though they’re not exclusive to this country. However, there is […]

Price of college continues to take toll on students’ wallets

  It’s not news to anyone that college has become increasingly expensive over the years. According to the think tank, the American Enterprise Institute, tuition has gone up 559 percent in the last three decades and textbook prices have also risen by a staggering 812 percentage in the same period of time. What could possibly […]

Beat the Bug

Students and faculty members walk through a battlefield of sickness spreading like wildfire to the unarmed victims they encounter, but with the right guards of protection, one just might be safe from the contagious illnesses at war. Avoiding sickness should be an important responsibility that should be implemented by taking care of your overall health. […]

No perfect way to search for perfection

Photo by Grant Worley / THE FLARE The ideal mate is a concept that most of us have been thinking about for the majority of our lives, rather it be our parents, grandparents, or friends we have decided what our favorite parts of someone’s personality were. Finding someone that meets the criteria is not always […]

Texas residents might see blue

Despite all of us not being able to agree on a candidate to be president, we can all agree this campaign season has been nothing short of wild and ground-breaking. Consequently, there has been talk of Texas becoming a swing state, meaning instead of it being a ruby red color this election, it might be […]

EDITORIAL: Computer literacy test decision right call in technological world

The new hot topic around campus is that BCIS, known as Business Computer Information Systems, will not technically be required anymore toward your degree. Students will be required in the fall to take a computer literacy test. If they don’t pass, they will have to take the computer course. Even though the class is a […]

Editorial: Reinstated Criminal Justice degree good move

The KC Board of Trustees recently approved reviving the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Criminal Justice. The course is set to begin Fall 2014 at KC. This program is designed for students who enter the program upon high school graduation, and non-traditional students who want to be a part of the program after […]

Debunking Super Bowl myths

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up we thought we would share a few interesting, hilarious or depressing myths. To kick off the list is a myth that may have you gagging.   At halftime, when millions of television viewers simultaneously head to the bathroom, municipal sewer systems have burst from the sudden rush of water. […]

SGA withering away

The purpose of Student Government Association is to lead a healthier institution and better experience for all students, according to the American Student Government Association website. The last issue of The Flare for the Spring 2013 Semester included an editorial describing SGA’s need to increase its presence on campus. The Your View question exemplified that […]

Expand SGA plan 2013

O ut of about 6,000 students, 16 of those students make up the Student Government Association, five officers and 11 members. SGA needs more of a presence on campus. SGA should work toward the common goal of making KC even better than what it is today. The KC SGA comprises of elected student representatives who […]

Use common cents

When it comes to managing money on a savings account most people in our generation do not comprehend. Our generation tends to want the best of the best even if it means giving our last few dollars to get it. We need to learn that Social Security and retirement funds are not looking too great […]

Web of lies

The World Wide Web is filled with facts and information we rely on to complete assignments, conduct research and stay informed with the world around us but it is also contaminated with opinion and false statements. Social media are bombarded with lies and theories people concoct to gain attention or to confuse people into believing […]