Finding love; a guide to loving yourself

The 21st century has turned women more savage and men into more sensitive human beings, but what has caused this switch up of roles and the desperate need for a superficial relationship with someone just to say that you two are together? Social media has put the spotlight on a number of popular couples such […]

Trump’s travel ban ‘doesn’t work in this modern era’

One of U.S. President Donald Trump’s first official actions following his inauguration ceremony was to sign an executive order to bar citizens of seven Muslim-dominated countries from entering the United States for the next 90 days. He also suspended the admission of all refugees into the country for 120 days. The barred countries are Syria, […]

Lose your fake friends, find your real friends

  One of the most challenging obstacles I had growing up was being able to distinguish genuine friendships from fake friendships. I’ve given too many people too many chances, and ended up being burned in the end. Several of these circumstances could’ve been solved if I had simply stood up for myself. In 2017 I made […]

International student inspired by African heroes

             Black history month is a famous month celebrated here in America, but as an African who migrated from Zimbabwe, the cultural celebration has had a great impact on me. I have come to realize that even in Africa we tend to celebrate this time, just in a different form […]

Strive to be a positive influence for all

Every day our communities suffer from the lack of positive influences and true leadership. All it takes to conquer peace is to be wise and bold enough to take charge and spread the love. I strive every day to make sure I am contributing to whatever it takes to gain true success, and I want […]

Love wins

My definition of love would begin with what the Holy Bible says in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, verses 4-7. Once you have read the scripture and take into consideration what it means, it is all very accurate and can give quite an overview — a great definition and example of what unconditional love is. Let’s […]

How to be single on Valentine’s Day

The “single friend,” is a title i’ve known too well my whole life. I’ve watched all my friends experience beautiful relationships with their significant others, but i’ve never been able to find someone i  have an ultimate connection with. If there’s no chemistry between two, people there is no point in wasting time. Don’t give […]

The advantages and disadvantages of completing college

Be prepared for the good and the bad of everything within your college career. The most common goal that all college students share is we are all here to complete college, and build our futures with great careers. Good luck to everyone on their journey to successfully completing college. Completing college is not only an […]

Think before you party

Scouring through Snapchat, I shake my head. I hate to say it, but I am being extremely judgmental. In high school, the class below me was filled with many athletically-talented girls. When they graduated, many of them received full ride scholarships to colleges both in and out of state in softball, basketball and volleyball. The […]

Extreme birthday plans

It’s your 21st birthday; there are other things to do besides get sloppy drunk or go clubbing all night long. 21st birthdays shouldn’t always just be about drinking until you pass out and having random dudes grind on you while you are trying to enjoy the party, so I switched it up. Friday, Sep. 16 […]

Gravel Graveyard

I woke up Monday morning by the piercing sound of my 5:30 alarm, lethargically preparing myself to tackle the monster that is the Kilgore College student parking lot. You would be surprised how living a grand total of 25 minutes away can affect your chances of finding a parking spot before your 8:00 class! I […]

Urine Trouble

Over the past couple of years, the usage of synthetic urine to past drug testing has become a trend. “Synthetic urine is known in the drug testing industry for falsifying drug test,” says Justin Kyle, master trainer of drug and alcohol compliance services. As a former athlete I know how this could become an issue […]

Bring home a new best friend, adopt a pet today

During my angsty, hormone induced, middle school life I was never really a dog person. They were too loud, smelled bad and got spit everywhere; that really was not my thing. The dark and macabre is what fueled me and I leaned more toward the nonchalant attitude of a cat. While I still love cats, […]

Throwback Thursdays: Celebrating love at Texas Frightmare Weekend

May 1, 2015 was the best day of my life. I realized it after the initial emotional shock wore off, and I will never forget the date as long as I live. Myself, my boyfriend Bryan and my sister Kelly were taking our annual trip to the Texas Frightmare Weekend convention in Dallas, where horror […]