Most Outstanding Female Student 2020

KC faculty members nominate students to represent their academic areas for Most Outstanding Students. To be nominated, students must be classified as a sophomore (completed a minimum of 30 semester credit hours) and have a minimum of a 2.75 cumulative GPA. Other criteria often considered by departments include program specific GPA, program involvement, and/or personal character. From this group, the KC faculty and staff select one male and one female student as Most Representative Student. These students are selected by popular vote. Campus involvement and/or personal character are just some of the criteria often used in the selection of these outstanding individuals. The college will recognize the two Most Representative students on its website and social media outlets.
Sable Bass – Engineering

“Sable has worked very hard in her Engineering Statics and Dynamics courses. Her diligence, superior work ethic by completing all assignments, and perfect attendance in the classroom, helped her perform well in these courses. I was impressed by Sable’s can-do attitude and her leadership in the classroom. She is highly deserving of (this award).

Dann McDonald – Engineering instructor

Alexa Brutchin – Education and College Success

“Alexa is the most outstanding student for the education department because of her excellent grades and hard work. We are excited to see her accomplishments as she continues her studies at East Texas Baptist University to become a teacher.”

Karen Morris – Education instructor

Cierra Cabe – Philosophy

Cierra Cabe’s academic performance in my online Ethics course was outstanding. She did a particularly impressive job on the Short Essay assignments and demonstrated an impressive ability to apply philosophic concepts (such as Hobbes’ State of Nature argument and J.S. Mill’s Utilitarianism) to contemporary news stories. I was honored to have her in my class!
Dr. Mark Arandia, Adjunct Philosophy instructor

Angie Chirino – TRiO

“Angie was chosen as TRIO’s Most Outstanding student because of her willingness to always go above what was expected of her. Angie consistently attended TRIO events and utilized all of the services available to her. In addition, Angie shared her talents with the TRIO Program by tutoring other participants, helping staff in the office, and by creating our bulletin boards this year. The TRIO Staff will remember Angie for her beautiful smile and commitment to serving others.”

Bindy Tice – TRIO SSS Director

Mildreth Colis -Cosmetology – Nail Technology

Randi L. Crappito – Associate Degree Nursing Transition Program

“I chose Randi as an outstanding nursing student because she demonstrated her compassion, critical thinking and ability to go with the flow when times were a little stressful throughout nursing school.”

 Caroline Hardee, MSN, RN – Instructor, Associate Degree Nursing

Olivia Fabre – Biology

Olivia McKenna Ferguson – Art

“Olivia has shown a type of excellence and high-quality in her work that is exceptional. As a leader in the Visual Arts Club and an officer, she demonstrated an impeccable array of talents in team-building. The quality of her artwork has demonstrated to her instructors and peers her unique merit.”

Larry Kitchen – program chair of Visual Arts, Art and Advertising/Graphic Design

Shelby Fletcher – Dance

“Shelby lives and breathes everything about the dance department. She serves as our Dance Club President and is a member of Industry Dance Company. Shelby has been vital in building the dance community within our department and also with coming up with fund-raising and activity ideas. She is an advocate for dance and the arts, and I have been so proud of her and her commitment to making KCDD the place to be!”

Angela Aulds – Dance instructor

Jami Friedman – Mathematics and Physics

Ms. Friedman was chosen because of her dedication to her career and her focus, effort and energy in FOUR Physics courses. She took PHYS1401 and PHYS1402 for her math degree before finding out that some schools may require the calculus-based Physics.  She then took PHYS2425 and PHYS2426 immediately after. She achieved “A”s in all four courses by completing the day-to-day work, asking questions when guidance was needed, and by applying the class instructions and methods to her finished products.  She attended nearly every class – including those being held remotely now – and was upbeat and energetic for each one. She worked well with other students on projects and labs requiring collaboration and helped students who were falling behind. 

That she completed these courses while carrying on the other courses needed AND participating in her Sophomore year of Rangerettes.  A truly phenomenal performance that bodes well for her future career!

 Dr. Joe Kirchhoff – Physics Instructor

“Jami was an excellent math student who always worked hard and excelled throughout the course. She has an interest in actuarial science and I know she will succeed in all her academic endeavors.”

Matt Wickes – Math Instructor

Carrie Harris -Journalism

“Carrie is the picture of perseverance. Nothing can stop her. From health issues, to financial concerns to academic fatigue, she picks up and keeps moving forward – and brings the newspaper staff along with her. Her leadership by example has kept us braving the trenches this semester.”

Rachel Stallard – Journalism instructor/ Flare adviser   

Cielo Hernandez- Humanities

“Cielo is recommended because of her outstanding work and commitment to her educational and career goals. I am always able to depend on Cielo to not only complete any and all assignments, but to do her best in every endeavor. She is a fine example of an excellent student, and this shows in her high GPA and performance in the classroom.”

Rick Moser – Instructor of Government and History / Asst. Chair, Department of Humanities and Social/Behavioral Sciences

Natalie Hill- Legal Assisting

Ms. Hill is a very hard working and dedicated student.  She works full-time for a law firm and therefore most of her classes were taken at night. She was ALWAYS in class and on time. She participated in class discussions and presentations and was always alert and paying attention – not the easiest thing to do after working all day! She has excellent writing and reasoning skills, and her grades show it. It was indeed a pleasure to have Ms. Hill in my classes.

John A. Whitehead – Director, Legal Assisting/Paralegal Program

Laurel Hoyt- Business Management

“Laurel is an excellent student maintaining a perfect GPA. She is always helpful to other classmates and  brings a cheerful, can-do spirit to classes. This is a real honor for her because she was chosen from a very competitive group of students – the best group we have seen in the program in many years.”

Julian Redfearn – Business Management Instructor

Janay Jones – Sociology

Janay started the semester very tentative and unsure of herself. She questioned her every discussion board post and journal entry. As the semester progressed, she opened up in class, showed herself to be a leader, and really began to develop her sociological imagination. This is a critical thinking technique where we are able to see outside of our experiences to see public issues from someone else’s perspective. She gained confidence, and from there, everything else improved. Her writing became that of a seasoned sociologist. I am so very proud of her! Her final paper was about police brutality and how this affects not just the victims but society as a whole. I really can’t say enough positive about her growth this semester. It was a pleasure to have her in my class. 

Cori Holden, MS – Sociology instructor

LaTorie Jones-Curtis – Physical Therapy Assistant

“Torie is a very quiet and sweet individual. She works very hard and has a laser-sharp focus on her goal to complete the PTA program. She is ALWAYS willing to help her classmates and the PTA faculty when a need arises. Torie has a passion for helping people that will translate very well into this field she has chosen. She will be a valuable asset to any facility where she chooses to work. Her patients will love to have this beautiful, young lady treat them with her infectious smile”.

Kristi Kleinig, PTA, MEd – Program Director/Instructor

Deborah Killingsworth – Cosmetology – Facial Specialist



Gracie Krug – English

The Language Development department chose Gracie Krug not only because of her academic excellence in English, but also because of her outstanding character and leadership at KC. She is truly an exemplary student in how she conducts herself both in and out of the classroom. She is currently featured in a commercial for KC and serves as a fantastic representative for the college.

Jase Graves, department chair- Language Development

Brittany Maddox – Accounting

Brittany grasps material quickly, asks questions when appropriate, and is eager to help her classmates.  She possesses a unique ability of doing accounting work fast, which is going to be a great attribute whether she pursues self-employment goals or decides to work for a local business.  She will represent Kilgore College well upon graduation.  

Mr. Richard Dugger – Instructor, Accounting.

“I second Brittany Maddox. I have had her in 3 classes, and she is always ahead with near-perfect grades.”

Stacie Smith – Instructor, Accounting

Ivonne Maldonado – Speech Communications 

Ivonne was an extraordinary student!  She was a non-traditional student with an incredible determination.  She came into every class prepared, willing and was counted on by her classmates to assist with any issues.  Her positive energy and willingness to contribute and help others were always a bright spot – all despite having reservations of her own skills.

Michele Daniels – speech instructor

April Morey – Social Work

“I chose social work because I love helping people. Mainly my parents have influenced this. They have both been really involved with social workers. I have had to sit in and listen so I knew what the social worker was saying so I could help my parents understand. I wanted to be able to understand all I could and help in any way I could. Since then my dad has passed and mom is in assisted living, but with what I have learned at Kilgore I have even been able to tell other family members where to go for assistance. (The) booklet we did as a project has come in so handy. I can’t think of anything else for me that is going to be more rewarding.

Malorie Mosley- Theatre

Malorie joined KC theater during our spring production of “Crimes of the Heart.” Since then, she has repeatedly proven herself to be outgoing, ambitious, talented, and an outstanding student mentor. In addition to her already full college schedule, she lent her talents to the Texas Shakespeare Festival for their Christmas production of “Miracle on 34th Street.” I’m sure that Savannah College of Art and Design will cherish her as much as we do here at KC.

Meghan Potter and Micah Goodding – theatre instructors

Shelby Okerson – history



Alison Pogorzelski – government


Miranda Reid – Vocational Nursing

Miranda is always prepared for the day and with a smile. Whether it’s for class, skills check-offs, or clinicals, she has a can-do attitude and puts in the time and effort to be a great student.  She is very respectful and professional and displays positivity with her classmates and instructors. She will be a genuine asset to the field of nursing. 

Amy Collins, BSN, MBA, RN – Director of Vocational Nursing

Bianca Sanchez – Cosmetology – Operator

Hailey Sirmans – McWhorter – Business Computer Office Management

Hailey has a great rapport with her instructors and fellow classmates. Hailey has faced some personal challenges, but she never used that as an excuse as to why she could not do her best. In fact, she carried herself in a way that you would not even know that she faced the given challenge. She continued to come to class and perform her best in her classes.

Hailey exhibits professionalism in her course work and even in her communication with other students and her instructors. She also contributes to being a person with a positive attitude. She is a great example to other students and a joy to have in class.

Traci Thompson – Program Leader, Business Computer Office Management


Jordan Still – Radiologic Science

Jordan, exemplifies what is expected of a future Radiologic Technologist. She has been consistent in her coursework throughout the program and her stewardship with clinical documentation is exemplary. She is highly regarded by her classmates and currently serves the Rad Tech Club as an officer. Through her clinical rotations, she has shown dedication and the ability to be a caring member of a healthcare team. She demonstrates a willingness to promote the standards of excellence in the field of Radiology. We are really proud of the healthcare professional Jordan has become.  

Nancy Lamouroux and Ursula Dyer – instructors

Holly Stockwell – Criminal Justice

Holly is a proud Army Veteran who served as a combat medic. After leaving the military she bounced around before landing a job as a jailer. After six years of working through the ranks to Lieutenant and 2nd in command, she relocated and became a stay-at-home mom. “Law enforcement is where I feel I belong. The knowledge that I gained while employed at the jail has helped me with the transition to being a first time college student. My goal is to get my Criminal Justice degree and see where life takes me.”

Jewel Summers – Chemistry 

Jewel is an outstanding student, who has excelled in her academic science courses and has been an exceptional colleague to our other Chemistry majors.

Dr. Paul C. Buchanan – Geology Instructor

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