How to TikTok

The popular video-making app dances boredom into a corner


One of the biggest social media platforms today is TikTok. With almost 8 million users, there’s a good chance you know someone who has used this app. When I first saw TikTok, I was blown away by how much creativity people put into these short videos and it instantly pulled me in. I wanted to know more, so I asked a few of my TikTok-making friends for advice and they devised a step-by-step tutorial on how to successfully make a TikTok.

Step 1: Watch a lot of TikToks. You have to be informed on what trends are popular and what viewers like! This also helps you get content ideas.

Step 2: Come up with an idea. Through all your research, and even through everyday things, you’ll come up with ideas. Run these ideas by your friends to make sure that someone else also finds it funny, just to be safe!

Step 3: Pick a sound. Sometimes, this step will come before having an idea because hearing this will cause you to think of an idea. The sound is very important because it has to match the tone of the video.

Step 4: Plan it out. This includes picking out your wardrobe, finding a location, choosing filters, and deciding which effects to use. Once again, these all have to match the tone of the video as well.

Step 5: Record the video. This is a process. Depending on how intricate your video is, you’ll have to make multiple takes and re-record some parts several times.

Step 6: Edit and re-record. Go back and re-watch your video to make sure it fits your standards and you like it.

Step 7: Pick a cover and caption. A cover is the main picture that people will see when your TikTok is on their “for you” page. This will also be the picture for the video on your page. You can pick whichever frame of the video you want to be your cover. Make sure your caption relates to the overall theme of the TikTok. Also, use hashtags! The more hashtags you use, the more pages your video shows up on.

Step 8: Post and await results. Don’t get discouraged if your video doesn’t get as many likes as you expected- it happens.

I hope these steps can help you break out of the boredom we’re all experiencing the last few weeks. I hope to see many of you on my “For You” page soon!


By Morgan Walker Staff Writer

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