Face In The Crowd

Sidney Walker

Age: 20  Major: Kinesiology  Hometown: Crestview, FL

-What position do you play?

“I play Center. I snap the ball to the quarterback.”

-Do you have any summer plans?

“My summer plans are to take classes and play football.”

-What are your favorite pizza toppings?

“Pepperoni and sausage.”

-What were you like in your peewee years?

“I was fun and energetic like I am now. I always gave my all; my mom always told me ‘practice like you play.’”

-Why are you spending your summer teaching kids how to play football?

“Teaching the basic fundamentals of football will help them in the future. My coaches have always said ‘fundamentals win games’.”

-What do you plan on doing after KC?

“I plan on playing D1 football at a university and becoming a coach one day.”

-Favorite football team?

“Kansas City Chiefs, no doubt.”

-Are you enjoying being able to teach kids the fundamentals of football?

“Yes. I enjoy it. They will learn those all the way through college and pros.”

-Did you go to football camp when you were younger? If so, did you enjoy it?

“I did go to camp when I was younger, and yes, I enjoyed every bit of it. It’s always fun to compete against other kids when I was younger.”

-What do you do in your free time?

“I usually just hangout with some friends and FaceTime my family.”


-Compiled by Grace Casey.