Scholarship auditions set for Saturday, April 8

The KC Dance Department will hold an open scholarship audition for dance majors at 10 a.m. Saturday,  April  8, at the Parks Fitness Center, PE 106.

The audition is based on a class which will include ballet, modern dance, and jazz. No prepared material is necessary. Required dress for the audition is a leotard and tights (with a change of biker shorts for modern portion) with ballet shoes, jazz shoes or bare feet.
The scholarship will cover four courses in Ballet and Tap & Jazz, two courses in Modern, and one course in both Improvisation/Composition and Dance Appreciation. KC offers an intensive course of study for the beginning student, as well as those who have had more extensive training.

Upon graduation, KC students are prepared to enter the professional world or to continue their studies at a four-year college where courses could transfer in Fine Arts, Physical Education and Dance Education.
Scholarship awards are based on talent, ability, potential, financial need and the student’s interest in continuing professionally as a dancer, teacher or in a related area.

A scholarship student must fulfill the course requirements of a dance major and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA in all college courses. Scholarship students must also be active members of the KC Dance Club. The scholarship is renewable for four semesters with amounts up to $500 per semester.