Tri-C travels to OSU for Campus Encounter

The Christian Campus Center took 21 students to Oklahoma State University last weekend for Campus Encounter. The event is sponsored by Stillwater Church of Christ and welcomed 16 college ministers and 260 students to the campus for education, worship and fellowship.

Davis was one of the presenters of a class called, “Take Five.” The class looked at five issues people deal with in today’s society: poverty, racism, sexual immorality, the definition of marriage and personal freedoms.

KC students Steve Mena, Kilgore freshman, and Holden Silvery, Tyler sophomore, led two of the devotional times throughout the weekend.

On the drive back to Kilgore Sunday afternoon, the group stopped at the National Memorial Museum and Grounds in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This was the site of the April 19, 1995 bombing outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building that killed 168 people and injured hundreds.

Since the bombing took place 22 years ago, some of the students were not old enough to know about it, so it was a learning experience.

“I didn’t know about it prior to coming here,” said Horace Bonner, Coppell freshman.

A guide gave the students a brief history about the Grounds, including the two gates with 9:01 and 9:03 etched in the wall and the reflection pool in between them. The first time represents the city prior to the bombing and the second time represents the city after the bombing. To the left of the pool, there are nine rows of chairs representing the nine floors of the building and the victims that died on each floor. The “Survivor Tree” is an American elm tree that survived the explosion and is located to the right of the pool. It symbolizes the resilience of the people of Oklahoma City.

Photo by Yosef Ibitayo/THE FLARE
Photo by Yosef Ibitayo/THE FLARE

As students gathered in the area around the Tree, Christian Delany, Gilmer sophomore, gave a devotional and Bobby Davis, an elder from the Chandler Street Church of Christ,  led the group in prayer. The enriching and fulfilling weekend ended as KC students returned to the bus for the long ride back to Kilgore.