Refresh, give back some of yourself over Spring Break

Charity starts at home is an old phrase, but one that still holds a lot of truth. Our lives are made up of a series of choices and the decisions we make can either improve this world or keep it exactly the same. A small sacrifice of your time could mean the difference between an individual having the basic necessities of life, and having nothing. Even if your contribution doesn’t make a huge difference, it can still impact someone’s life and brighten their day.

Instead of spending your spring break partying or sleeping, consider volunteering for a local charity, joining an organization, or making donations to a cause. You could also offer to clean up an area of your community, visit nursing homes, or something as simple as paying a compliment.

One cause that you can donate to is the KC Food Pantry, which is low on supplies due to an increase in student use. Donations can be dropped off in Dr. Mike Jenkins’ office in the Devall Student Center. In particular, they are looking for: canned meals (Chef-Boy-R-Dee, Campbell’s and Spaghetti O’s); tuna and pasta meals (Zatarain’s, Knorr and Uncle Ben’s); breakfast items (pastries and cereal); and baking mixes.

Female students can also join the newly formed KC Golden Z Club, which is affiliated with Zonta International and The Zonta Club of Greater East Texas. The club advocates for women’s rights as well as protection against violence. Their meetings will be held in the Woodfin Center Conference Room at a time and date to be determined. For more info, call Charleen Worsham at 903-988-3700.

Helping a small group of people might not seem like much, but it is still a change which ultimately means progress and a difference in someone’s life or well-being.