Strive to be a positive influence for all

Photo by Timothy Stuckey/THE FLARE
Photo by Timothy Stuckey/THE FLARE

Every day our communities suffer from the lack of positive influences and true leadership. All it takes to conquer peace is to be wise and bold enough to take charge and spread the love.

I strive every day to make sure I am contributing to whatever it takes to gain true success, and I want you to know it takes hard work and some true humbling of oneself to truly achieve your dreams.

Keep in mind that to prosper, you must share the wealth. Do not allow yourself to be closed in and block out the world from the good you can bring. The goal is to strive to become positive influences to ourselves, our families and to our communities.

To quote a famous poet, Langston Hughes, “when a man starts out to build a world, he starts with himself.” Start with yourself and flourish to others.

A great start would be to set positive goals for yourself that can help you become the ideal leading example you want to be. Being successful in school shows students who come after you how to conduct themselves in a positive manner. Every day, young students learn from what they see older students doing. Whether it is good or bad, be mindful that someone is watching your education performance.

For most, procrastination is a personal flaw that should be confronted and corrected to move forward in being a positive influence. Stop letting yourself wait until the last minute to get things done, and strive to get them done much earlier than the deadline. Defeating procrastination is very important in self-discipline. It makes us fall short of fulfilling true potential, and causes mistakes, miscommunications and misunderstandings. When you procrastinate with others, it is very easy for you to lose accountability.

Plan your career goals to strive for after your completion of school. The career path choices we make speaks volumes of our desired public image, and regardless of the path you may choose, be a prime example of what a dedicated professional can contribute to the company. Being proactive, whether in school or at work gives positive influential qualities for those who do pay attention or look up to you as an inspiration.

Once we have become one with ourselves, we are now able to share our gifts and talents with others. Give generously to those who have supported you, and those included are your family, church, school, and local community. Recognize that you didn’t complete your journey without them, and share your appreciation by being proactive and giving yourself back.

When you are not busy with school or work, volunteer some of your free time by helping with special projects or committing to being proactive in community outreach.

To give generously to our supporters and community doesn’t necessarily mean buying gifts or giving money. It also means to express acts of kindness with common courtesy, compliments and in compliance of being a good Samaritan. A simple “hello” or “nice shoes”, could brighten someone’s day.

With knowing positive influences begin with you, I now close with an inspirational quote from Langston Hughes, “I look at my own body with eyes no longer blind and I see that my own hands can make the world that’s in my mind.”