Love wins

My definition of love would begin with what the Holy Bible says in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 13, verses 4-7. Once you have read the scripture and take into consideration what it means, it is all very accurate and can give quite an overview — a great definition and example of what unconditional love is. Let’s face it. That explanation of love is very hard for us humans to accept in its entirety, much less achieve it. Humans are broken — broken from our past and from our raising, even from our environment. You can live a picture perfect life with the picture perfect existence and still be flawed. Who’s to say what perfect is anymore, but you get the idea.

I think of love as a feeling, an emotion and an action. I believe it comes and goes, has its good times and not so good times. The overall essence of love will remain as long as you have a good foundation. Love comes in many forms… of self….love of neighbor…love of life….love of family and friends…. etc. The tough part would be the constant effort it takes to be in the state of love or even harder the love of enemies. Love is a choice that you make no matter the package, baggage, circumstance or situation you are in. You have to accept the person for who they are and allow for imperfection.

Love is hard because it’s vulnerability exposed. Engaging the will to trust the other person with your feelings and your heart — most of the time that is just too hard. Allowing the ability to receive love and give it is too risky. Never knowing love can be just as damaging as loving too much. Finding the happy balance will most likely be a dance that humans will never truly understand completely and totally the way it was intended until we are in Heaven basking in the one true love we all seek. In the meantime, how often do we hear about love and how many time has this subject been touched on, to infinity and bbbbeeeeeyyyond, (for the Toy Story fans out there). From Shakespeare to Tina Turner, we have all tried to figure out how to be “IN” love, how to stay “IN” love, or how to recover from love. Patience and acceptance should be in the forefront. Without it, you will fail at love. No matter what race, color, shape or form you are loved, your life matters. Take the time to know and love yourself. Remember you are human. As soon as you accept and love you the easier and happier you can love another. We are all given things that make us unique and special, even the ability to love unconditionally, it’s a choice we have to make. LOVE WINS!!!!!!