Enrollment increases seven percent in one year

Numbers rise in the Registrar’s office as enrollment numbers increase seven percent from the 2016 Spring semester.

This semester the registrar reported 5,354 for unofficial enrollment on the 12th class day. Last Spring semester there were 5,006 reported enrolled in KC classes.

“We’re extremely pleased with our enrollment numbers this semester,” said Dr. Brenda Kays, KC president.  “I attribute the increase to the progressive vision of our board of trustees and a lot of hard work by our faculty, staff and administrators.”

Out of the increase, 15.2 percent of the increase was in dual credit students, or students who take college courses while in high school. This spring there are 1,484 high school students enrolled; last year there were 1,288 high school students enrolled.

According to the Longview News-Journal, in the 2015-16 school year, KC had to make budget cuts in certain areas of the school due to lack of state-funding, local tax revenue and enrollment.

Since then, the KC has made plans to focus even more on student success.

“Our hope is that this increase is also indicative of a growing number of students recognizing the necessity of post-secondary education to attain a degree and enter the workforce earning a family-supporting wage,” Kays said.