Concept by Design

In his play, Middletown, Will Eno provides us with a dark comedic look at the infinitely connected nature of our lives. Eno bookends seemingly mundane moments peppered with impressionistic existential accents. Our routine day today observations are infiltrated with splashes of absurdity as we are taken on a comedic pilgrimage throughout the many intersecting points of the human experience.

Scenic Design Concept

I would like the set to visually communicate Eno’s portrayal of the intersecting nature of life. I would also like to visually communicate the mundane reality speckled with splashes of absurdity by grounding the two houses in reality but enhanced through vibrant abstract accents.

Lighting Design Concept

Through the lighting I would like to highlight a heightened reality by staying in natural color families but using saturated versions thereby creating a muted graphic stage novel. I think it best to utilize a standard area plot for maximum control over lighting angles and implied location as well as a subtle boost to concentrated areas of action.

Sound Design Concept

Continuing the theme of a heightened reality, the soundscape for Middletown will be comprised of unique realistic aural landscape for each location interspersed with acoustic underscores combining distinctly human instruments and the slightly removed automated sounds of computerized music. The journey should subtly morph from quirky upbeat punchy interludes to a somber musical expression increasing to a feverish pace ending in a cathartic ethereal composition.