Celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget

How to Celebrate Valentines Day on a budget:

$20 and Under

Lunch is usually cheaper than dinner so consider taking your Valentine to eat earlier in the day.

Olive Garden has $6.99 lunch specials. With water to drink, tip and tax, two can eat for

under $20.

Chili’s has many appetizers and lunch specials, that with water to drink, tip and tax, the total will be under $20.

Put together a picnic for two – At Wal-Mart, the purchase a rotisserie chicken, bag

of salad, bottle of soda or tea and a bag of cookies will not send one over the $20

mark and will make a very nice lunch or dinner.  Make the picnic extra special by spreading a blanket, using plates, cutlery and glasses from the cupboard and

condiments from the refrigerator and the meal is ready to go. Indoors or out, a picnic

is a great way to show one’s feelings.

$10 and Under

At this price point, the Dollar Tree is your best friend. Noodles, spaghetti sauce with meat, parmesan cheese and two beverages can be purchased for a cost of $5. A nice card adds one more dollar to the total. That leaves plenty of cash to get a gift. The Dollar Tree’s offerings include everything from pretty hair accessories to lotions and spa items to candy and books.

Go for coffee. Even at Starbucks, two can drink coffee for under $10.


Saturday, February 11 from 6 pm-8 pm, the Longview Public Library will host a movie night with free refreshments after the movie. This year’s offering is “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” Admission is free.

Write a letter telling your special someone what they mean to you.

Make a coupon book or card. There is a myriad of free printables (from vintage to modern) to download on Pinterest, and YouTube has many instructional videos.