Beat the Bug

Photo by Grant Worley/THE FLARE
Photo by Grant Worley/THE FLARE

Students and faculty members walk through a battlefield of sickness spreading like wildfire to the unarmed victims they encounter, but with the right guards of protection, one just might be safe from the contagious illnesses at war. Avoiding sickness should be an important responsibility that should be implemented by taking care of your overall health.

To be a surviving soldier in the midst of an illness war, one must start with self.

Make sure every day you wake up, your first responsibility is taking care of your personal hygiene first, and throughout your day.

Morning showers are essential to starting the day off healthy. It allows your body to wake up refreshed, and opens your sinuses and pores.

Practice your oral regiment faithfully. Mornings and bedtime are not the only times you should brush your teeth. Oral care is more than brushing your teeth twice a day, and should be implemented mornings, after meals, bedtime, and before any special occasions. Brushing should also be acquainted with dental floss and mouthwash for a thorough cleanse.

Frequently wash your hands, and try not to touch your face throughout the day.

Eat healthy foods the promote immunity and fights of some internal bacteria.

Wipe everything down with sanitizing wipes and cover with disinfection to kill the spread of contact. Wipes can be used on all door knobs and handles, steering wheel, gear shift, bathroom, bedroom, remotes, countertops, desktops, keypads and mouse at home, school, grocery store baskets, and all other direct contacts you make.

Remember that germs travel freely with EVERYTHING, so be mindful that includes the air we breathe. Disinfectant spray goes a long way in war of fighting off air-borne germs and undetected infectious surfaces. One spray a day goes a long way.

Keep some wipes in your car or bag, and a travel size of sanitizer close by for a quick squirt to kill the dirt. These essentials are beneficial in keeping your hands an acceptable clean until your next good wash.

If you are already sick, please be mindful of others you come in contact with, and take extra precautions to ensure you are not contributing to the sicknesses already floating in the air.

The listed guidelines can help anyone protect themselves from catching an illness, and should be practiced every day to ensure positive results. Take care of yourself and the people around you to defeat the wars of spreading sickness at school.

A nurse is available in the Parks Fitness Center 9 a.m.- noon, Monday-Friday. Student health services are available at no cost.  The campus nurse can be reached at (903) 983-8632. For emergency first aid, an athletic trainer is also available in the Parks Fitness Center.