Three students succeed at All-State Competition

Three students from KC made All-State Band this year.

The three students are Sarah Svehla, Caleb Bristow, and Lauren Warren. The requirements to be able to participate in the All-State Band are to learn a set of music, record and send it off for judging in fall semester. The band is made up of musicians from Junior colleges across Texas. Once selected the student can go to San Antonio for competition in the Spring Semester.

When competition begins, the students audition for a chair, then learn music to play with the band.

Caleb Bristow, Lufkin sophomore, had his first year at competition. Bristow is a music major, plays the Euphonium in spring and Baritone during the marching season.

He said his experience in San Antonio was “very enjoyable, and I wish it would have been longer.”

He completed his goal of making it to the All-State band this year, where he placed third place. Bristow graduates this semester with plans on transferring to Stephen F. Austin State University. He will continue his music degree with the goal of becoming a band director.

Lauren Warren, Diana sophomore, first year at competition. Warren is a music major who plays the flute, the piano and piccolo. Warren also enjoyed her time in San Antonio.

“Love it, I want to do it every year for the rest of my life,” Warren said “I never made it to state in high school, so I was really excited to do it now.”

Warren placed fifth place in competition. Warren graduates this semester with plans on staying close to the area, possibly going to East Texas Baptist University, or Texas A&M Commerce. Her goal is to be a woodwind instructor or band director.

Sarah Svehla, Nacogdoches freshman, had her first year at competition with KC, but had previously attended the competition with another college. Svehla, a music major who plays the bass clarinet, also plays B flat clarinet and piano. “There is never a dull moment. I was always learning something new,” she said.

Svehla place second in competition.  “It was a lot of fun. There was a good bass clarinet section this year.” Svehla said.

Svehla plans to transfer to Lamar to finish her college career. She is looking to get a doctorate in musicology. Her goal is to teach music history, or upcoming music majors.

All three student’s expectations were met, when they got accepted to participate in the All-State Band. They were happy to make it and place. While in San Antonio the students were able to attend concerts, visit historical places and to walk the river walk. During the convention, the students were able to take seminars to help with teaching skills.

Photo by Kilgore Staff/THE FLARE
Photo by Kilgore Staff/THE FLAREBand2_2017_ORufus
Photo by Kilgore Staff/THE FLARE