President of Young Conservatives shares beliefs

Enthusiasm rings clear in her voice; a desire to make known the foundations of her party’s beliefs flows underneath the words she speaks.

Rachael Sikes, Kilgore freshman, is the founder and president of the Young Conservatives of Kilgore College, or YCKC, a new organization started in the fall of 2016 that is intended to teach conservative-minded students the fundamentals of the Republican Party’s beliefs and policies. The YCKC have had three meetings since the beginning of the fall semester, and have participated in both the recent election watch party and Congressman Louie Gohmert’s visit to KC in late October.

“The main reason why I started this organization is because a lot of the groups that are around,” Sikes said, “a lot of them are really good, but there are some that don’t necessarily address all of our foundations. ”

Sikes wants to use YCKC to help KC students better understand their political convictions in a conservative light, and to eventually enable students to influence politics on the various levels of government.

“I think the basic goal is to allow more freedom of discussion of conservative ideals and principles,” said Rick Moser, government instructor and club sponsor. “Students, especially conservative students, can come in and discuss ideas, but [it’s] not just limited to conservatives, because they accept just anybody; even liberals and libertarians are welcome.”

The organization is currently focused on the local level of the conservative movement, but Sikes is confident of the group affecting higher levels of politics in the future.

“There is impact that you can have,” Sikes said. “You don’t realize how much impact the local has on the federal; it’s huge. If people actually cared, there would be a bigger impact, and there are some people that actually care, and some people that just don’t. There’s just so many things that are overlooked, or just not advertised well enough.”

Sikes is currently double-majoring in art and finance at KC.

“Rachael Sikes is one of those rare individuals with extraordinary gifts in so many diverse disciplines,” U.S. Congressman Louie Gohmert. “She is also a great example of how much additional brain usage a person gains by developing expertise in art or music.”

When asked about the multi-disciplinary fields of study, Sikes said that it has been a longtime goal of hers to finance other interests.

“My goal with studying finance is that I would be able to fund missions, because that’s my goal,” Sikes said. “My career, my life, I want it to be something that can glorify God. Mainly, with finance, all I want to do is to pour out into ministry. I actually want to be able to be engaged in it, not just funding it, so it’s ministry, full-out ministry in every way.”

Britt Davis, the director of the Christian Campus Center on the main campus, highlighted Sikes’ dedication to the faith as an evident characteristic of her personality.

“She’s very spiritually mature in her faith,” Davis said, “and I believe she has a great future planned ahead of her. She’s very active in our Bible studies here at the campus center; she’s here every week.”

Davis said Sikes is financially savvy, which is a real plus in the mission field, because being able to raise money and use that money for the good of others is a difficult thing these days. Davis added, “I think she would be one of those great leaders in that, and she has the personality to do that.”

Sikes has been involved with helping out at Tri-C since the beginning of the semester, and has volunteered at various organizations throughout her life.

“I’ve done a lot of different stuff volunteering,” Sikes said. “I guess it’s a habit of mine: if someone is struggling with something, I try to help them, because I hope that somebody will do the same for me when I’m struggling.”

YCKC currently meets the second and fourth Monday of every month at 5 p.m. in Room 140 in the Old Main building. It is open to all students.