Urine Trouble

UrineOver the past couple of years, the usage of synthetic urine to past drug testing has become a trend. “Synthetic urine is known in the drug testing industry for falsifying drug test,” says Justin Kyle, master trainer of drug and alcohol compliance services. As a former athlete I know how this could become an issue in sports. It isn’t a big secret that there are some athletes that use drugs, but majority of them don’t have the chance to get away with it.  Now that it is easy to access and legal to sale it opens a door for the irresponsible athletes to continue to do drugs and not get punished for it. A fake urine kit can be bought under $100 and can even be found in gas stations. If athletes catch hold of this trend, it will take the integrity of the game. Playing sports is a privilege and opportunity that should not be abused or taken for granted yet there are some that are not willing to give up the fast life; the rise of fake urine reason gives them an even bigger reason not to.

The good news is that new lab technologies are able to track samples that have been tampered with. According to “The Weed Blog” new lab test measures the “specific gravity, pH, creatinine levels, and temperature are determining positive and negative results.”

The problem that the drug screeners face is that it is difficult for them to detect when someone is using a high quality synthetic urine sample. Another problem they face is that although some screening places have someone to stand in the room while people pee, it is a violation of privacy for the screeners to watch anyone urinate unless they have permission from the person being tested. Some ways to prevent people getting away with the fake samples are require them to wear robes. Having patients do so makes it harder for them to smuggle fake urine, but the major way to eliminate these hiccups is to ban the legal use of synthetic urine nationwide. That is what Justin Kyle is aiming for. Kyle is leading a petition to get rid of the use of synthetic urine. “I have personally caught and stopped 45 donors,” said Kyle. “We have gone to unknown territory and this problem is deadly not only to our industry but many other industries,” says Kyle. He needs at least 1,000 signatures to make it illegal, so far he has 100.

If you would be interested in supporting the effort you can go to https:// www.mediafire.com/?piuq49zxmwcak6u and sign the petition.