Texas residents might see blue

Despite all of us not being able to agree on a candidate to be president, we can all agree this campaign season has been nothing short of wild and ground-breaking.

Consequently, there has been talk of Texas becoming a swing state, meaning instead of it being a ruby red color this election, it might be blue. This disproves the statement: your vote doesn’t matter.

Texas has consistently voted Republican since 1980, when the presidential race was between Jimmy Carter, democrat, and Ronald Reagan, Republican. Thirty-six years of consistently voting a Republican ticket might be changed by this election between the two front runners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
Accusations of sexual assault have Republicans disowning Trump; on the other hand, Clinton is being thrown to the side by many because of the accusation of bleaching and deleting emails. This has caused many voters to turn toward third-party candidates, Gary Johnson, a Libertarian, and Jill Stein from the Green Party.

Many people say voting third party is throwing your vote away, but if you truly knew how the Electoral College worked, this can be proven false.

Each state has a different number of electors depending on the number of senators the state has, plus the number of U.S. senators it has, lending Texas 33 electoral votes.

Finally, electors cast their votes for the candidates. Usually, the electors choose the candidate with the most direct votes from that state. There are some states that have laws requiring the electors to vote for the popular candidate in their state; Texas is not one of those states. Some electors are bound to a political party and vote for that candidate. Unfortunately, the fact electors can go against the state’s popular vote takes away the direct aspect of voting. In reality, Russia has a more direct voting system than America because of the fact the electoral college does not exist there, according to Howstuffworks.com.

Although, the system may not be the best for us, as voters and American citizens we would like to rely on our representatives who do speak for us to let our voices be heard. That is how the system should work.

Consequently, in this election, the usual Republican voting Texan electors have been swaying away from the Grand Old Party because of the statements Trump has made during debates and in previous conversations with television personality, Billy Bush, who because of his own laughter and statements, was fired from NBC’s morning news program, “The Today Show.”

The possibility of Texas turning blue, or any other color, is an actual possibility. Your vote may encourage electors to vote your way, or it may not; but, the main thing to remember is your vote is important.