Gravel Graveyard

By: Shelbi Crews

I woke up Monday morning by the piercing sound of my 5:30 alarm, lethargically preparing myself to tackle the monster that is the Kilgore College student parking lot. You would be surprised how living a grand total of 25 minutes away can affect your chances of finding a parking spot before your 8:00 class!
I pulled up to the gravel graveyard around 7:45, to find that it was already full. This was merely the beginning of my epic search for a parking spot. I wasn’t taking this hunt lightly. I was determined and hungry for a parking spot.
The next ten minutes of my life felt like three hours. I faced three of my toughest contenders: pedestrians who seemed to have misplaced their sense of urgency, pedestrians who seemed unable to locate the cross walk, and the ever so talented parallel parkers. I located a parking spot around 7:50, which presented me with an early morning hike to my English class. I don’t mind the walk, but being rushed is my ultimate pet peeve. I’ve always been a very timely person but Kilgore College parking lot was ruining that image.
I immediately took built up rage that my parking spot hunt graciously gifted me to my best friends, Kaylee and Ashley. Kaylee and Ashley also living 25 minutes away felt very strongly about the parking situation too. We feel as if the parking lot at Kilgore College adds unwanted stress, safety hazards, and a flawed student to parking spot ratio
I notice an abundance of open staff parking spots every day but the thought of seeing a parking ticket on my windshield strikes fear into my very core. The risk is almost worth making it to your class on time. The parking lot at Kilgore College is the ideal hang out spot for all of your collected tardies and your sanity. It is the place where bumpers are scraped, doors are dinged, and everyone becomes a NASCAR driver. Don’t bother taking the extra time to look presentable. After your early morning parking lot hike in the East Texas humidity none of us will notice. It is every man for himself in the battle of finding a parking spot.