Extreme birthday plans

It’s your 21st birthday; there are other things to do besides get sloppy drunk or go clubbing all night long. 21st birthdays shouldn’t always just be about drinking until you pass out and having random dudes grind on you while you are trying to enjoy the party, so I switched it up.
Friday, Sep. 16 was my 21st birthday and I had the opportunity to enjoy a great day of school, followed by a basketball scrimmage against my teammates and so much more. A free pedicure up to $30, free Bundt cake from my hometown, a lovely dinner with my teammates at Applebee’s and laser tag in Longview to wrap up my day. The real fun occurred the following weekend as I rang in my 21st birthday.
Extreme, extreme, extreme! I took the extreme part of life and put it to action to celebrate my 21st birthday. However before I could get extreme, I enjoyed a lovely birthday dinner in Tyler at FD’s Grill House followed by a game of bowling. After a calm family oriented dinner and a fun game of bowling I headed out for Dallas.
Zero Gravity Thrill Zone Amusement Park in Dallas is optimal for true adrenaline junkies. I first decided to take part in the “Nothin’ But Net” attraction which consisted of being dropped 130 feet in the air, 130 feet! Imagine being up so high in the air you can see clear over a large area, feeling as if you were looking down from an air plane’s view, which turned my family waiting on the precious ground into ants. As I screamed “I’m 21!” I was dropped into a giant net which in turn lowered me to the safely to earth. Following the 130-foot drop, “Texas Blast Off” was up next.
Texas Blast Off consisted of being launched into the air by bungee ropes, making the speed go from zero to 60 miles per hour within a half a second. In comparison, as you were launched about 80-100 feet into the air you were flipped upside down and side to side while trying to enjoy the thrill of the ride. Let’s just say I’m glad I survived to cross that off my bucket list; but, to go a second time, I would need to reconsider.
To wrap up my day of extreme events I attended Dave and Busters for great food and games. Although I wouldn’t consider Dave and Busters extreme, it can definitely get competitive! Of course there was plenty of drinking going on around me that I very much could have took part in as most of the crowd watched their favorite college football team play on the big screen. Since I drove up to Dallas, drinking and driving would have not been approved by my parents or to myself; however, with the excitement of the long day of thrill and excitement I still had one more day to celebrate my 21st birthday the responsible way.
Sunday morning, Sep. 25, I was able to enjoy a great sermon by a guest speaker at my hometown church, Universal Heights Church of Christ, then off to the casino I went.
Shreveport, Louisiana was my next destination as we headed down I-20 toward the Margaritaville Casino. After being checked by security, we broke our big bills down and headed for the cheapest slot to start off our gambling. As I approached the first one-cent slot, inserted my dollar and pulled the lever, my heart dropped to my gut. Instantly the machine landed on three blue diamond’s back to back to back and I needed just two more blue diamonds to win an easy $4,000 on just my first try. My first try! Unfortunately, I did not win nearly as close to $4,000 that day, but I did break even, spending twenty dollars and winning back a total of ten dollars and one penny. I wasn’t quite as lucky as I thought I was, but hey, I know I’ll have better luck next time.
Hey 18, 19, and 20-year-olds that will soon be 21, not saying you shouldn’t drink and party, or you will die, just spice it up a little, do something adventurous that you will always remember because you only turn 21 once.