Film Fridays: Premium cringe – ‘The Graduate’

If ‘The Graduate’ was released today, the perfect word to describe it would be cringeworthy.There is a whole subset of pop culture fanatics who thrive on watching videos and reading stories about people’s awkward interactions. These can be uncomfortable silences, mispronounced words in newscasts and bad game show answers, just to name a few.

‘The Graduate’ is premium 1960’s cringe.

It is the story of recent college graduate Benjamin Braddock, played to perfection in a career making role by Dustin Hoffman, and his dissatisfaction with life that is only alleviated by falling in love with the daughter of an older, married family friend he is having an affair with, played by Ann Bancroft.

I recently got the opportunity to watch this movie again in theaters at The Robinson Film Center in Shreveport. Unfortunately, the were two loud women in the audience, who were probably tipsy, as both were enjoying martinis at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Both of them were just cracking up at the movie. At the quietist, most uncomfortable parts, they would guffaw uncontrollably and discuss the scene loudly.

At first, I was confused. Why did these women find it so funny while I was wanting to shrink back in my seat from all of the awkwardness?

They were thriving on the cringe. The weirdest and most meta part of the whole experience was how they didn’t realize their laughing constantly ended up being more cringe inducing than the movie.

People, when you watch a movie in a public place, there is a difference between interacting with the film as intended and ruining the film for everyone else around you. Please remember to be courteous and treat other movie patrons the way you would like to be treated when seeing a movie in a theater.