Patriotism shines bright





America — one of the greatest countries in the world.

Well, at least it used to feel like that. I don’t know what happened in the past few years where so many people have lost their American pride. It’s almost like everyone just decided to give up on the country that we live in.

Don’t get confused here. I’m not saying we’re not great. Believe me, I love this country more than anything. We are the land of opportunity and the home of the brave. But apparently people have forgotten this.

I remember there used to be a sense of pride for our country that was so contagious you could feel it from the beaches in California to the mountains in Virginia. It was overwhelming, powerful, and most importantly, uniting.

That feeling has seemed to slip away from our country, and I don’t know why.

It sure is easy to point out flaws, but when we (America) are up man, watch out.

One thing that we love to do is rally around each other for causes, good or bad. Tragedies and sports are two things that really tie Americans together. It’s a little weird when you think about it at first, but it makes sense.

America has had a rough turn of the century — a lot of tragedies have come through our country. There have been events that will stick in our minds and reside in our hearts for years to come. From 9/11 to school shootings, we have rallied. We have backed each other up through and through.

Sports have been something for Americans to rally behind since the 1980 “Miracle on Ice” hockey match versus the then Soviet Union. More recently, our USA soccer teams play in the FIFA World Cup has filled bars and homes with an undying love for our country’s performance.

These are just small samples of when we decided to show our love for our country.

Why? Why do we need a reason to show love for our country?

I don’t understand, we used to love our country so much. Now everyone talks about all the problems that we have. News flash, every country has their problems.

If we want to be the great country that we really are, then we have to start acting like it.

Start loving your neighbors, give back to your community, do something worth noting. It’s crazy that the only time I see any love being shown for our country is through Facebook.

Now, I know statistically we aren’t the greatest country in the world, but numbers are just numbers. The people in this country are amazing, why? Because they come from all walks of life from all around the world.

To some, America is but a dream. And we get to live that dream, every damn day.

It’s really easy to say that America is not the greatest country in the world, but find me another country that shows as much patriotism as we do. You won’t.

Despite all of our ups and downs, we still love our country more than any other country. Now let’s start acting like it.