KC’s Old Main Building evacuated following smell of gas in classrooms

by Meaghan Morton
Photo by Meaghan Morton

The Old Main Building was evacuated shortly after the beginning of 10 a.m. classes today due to the odor of gas being detected in the building. KCPD Chief Heath Cariker spoke with The Flare and said it occurred when a valve was not properly released.

Becky Johnson, dean of liberal and fine arts, evacuated her office alongside her staff and the students. She called the evacuation “smooth and immediate” in a campus e-mail to faculty. She also expressed her appreciation to the faculty for “your calmness and your concern for students and faculty and staff.”

“Fortunately, the leak (a surge in the system after it was purged) did not result in any real problems other than some inconvenience,” she added.

Officials assessed the situation and determined the building safe to re-inhabit for 11 a.m. classes.

Listen to Chief Cariker’s interview with Flare reporter Dustin Taylor here: