Doctor Who in cinemas with season finale ‘Dark Water/Death in Heaven’

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Doctor Who, the classic BBC show, took almost 50 years to find a mainstream audience in the United States. Now, the show has become so popular in America, the two part finale of its most recent season will be shown in 3D in movie theaters Sept. 15 and 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Regal Cinemas in Longview.

For the uninitiated, Doctor Who has always had a cult following in the US, with its science fiction themes and time travel. The main character, called The Doctor because of choosing his power of time travel and near immortality to help others, has the ability to regenerate, changing the look of his body. This allowed the show to cast a different actor as the character when necessary. Partially because of this and Doctor Who’s constant creativity and presence in British and American culture, the show celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, and is the longest running science fiction television show of all time.

The episodes that will be shown in theaters, ‘Dark Water’ and ‘Death in Heaven,’ are the two final episodes of season (or, as they say in the UK, series) eight. This season is actor Peter Capadi’s first as the iconic, regenerating, time-traveling character The Doctor who replaced Matt Smith after his very successful two-season run that made the show more mainstream to American audiences.

In the two part finale, The Doctor will face off against his old foes the Cybermen as the they terrorize the streets of London once again.

The event will also include a prequel scene to season nine called The Doctor’s Meditation and an exclusive interview with actors Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, hosted by Star Trek: The Next Generation star and geek icon Wil Wheaton.

Tickets are $19.49 and can be purchased at or at Regal’s box office.

If you are a fan of Doctor Who, this is definitely an event that cannot be missed. The opportunity to view the show on the big screen does not happen often, much less in 3D. Experiencing Doctor Who in theaters with fans will be an amazing experience.

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