Marijuana legalization a complex issue

With the legalization of marijuana becoming a hotter issue by the day, I wanted to get an interview with someone about it. Luckily for me, I saw that rapper/marijuana enthusiast/amateur philosopher Mod Sun was coming through Dallas on his tour to support his debut album Look Up. I got the chance to talk to him after the show where he granted me the privilege of doing a short, email interview.

What are your thoughts on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and Washington?

I agree with it to certain degrees. I don’t think people should get in trouble but I also don’t want the government to have their hand in the quality marijuana that I get from Kushie Bites, that I smoke.

Do you support the legalization of marijuana for either medical or recreational use in America? Why or why not?

The answer above applies directly to this question. I want people to feel safe but I don’t want this to become a tobacco industry effect.


Lawmakers in Texas recently proposed a bill to legalize cannabis oil to treat epilepsy, which is believed could lead to the plant being legalized for recreational use as well. Do you see Texas legalizing marijuana or either medical or recreational use in the near future?

Yes, I see everyone decriminalizing it, but what that means as far as “over the counter” sales that will be told by time.


The Flare also conducted a survey of 100 KC students and staff through Survey Monkey asking how they would you use marijuana if it were legal.Below are the results.

Marijuana chart