Facebook groups offer easy alternative to garage sales

Facebook garage sale groups are a new way to sell items to local buyers.
Facebook garage sale groups are a new way for local buyers to buy and sell items. Photograph by Kat Agee.



Valuable antiques at a good price, like-new clothes for cheap, affordable furniture and more can be found at garage sales. Most people keep looking in the Classifieds or driving around looking for signs directing them to the weekend treasure troves.

The rising popularity of online garage sale groups on Facebook, however, is changing how garage sales operate, especially with young people,

Search the name of any town plus garage sale in the search box on Facebook for example ” garage door repair Turlock “, and no doubt many results for groups will pop up. Kilgore has eight different garage sale groups on Facebook, not including the groups that encompass the whole East Texas area.

To join the group, all you have to do is click on the Facebook link to the group and request to. After being approved to join, you can post a listing of an item you’d like to sell.

A typical listing consists of a few pictures of the item, the price of the item, contact information, and where the person would like to meet up to trade the item for cash.

Unlike a bidding website such as eBay, Facebook groups allow you to see who is posting the item. You can contact the person selling an item though Facebook messenger, or in the comments section on the post.

An advantage of the Facebook garage sales is that they are local. People feel safer selling and buying things from people who live in their hometown. They don’t have to worry about shipping costs or time.

One disadvantage is that unlike eBay, it is first come first serve. On eBay, you have a chance to increase your bid to win an item. On a Facebook group, whoever comments first will usually get it.

Another disadvantage is that people can still be cheated. There is no worry about losing your money or credit card information, but people lie about meeting places and times. An item being brought to the meet-up that is a lesser quality than in the picture is also a problem.

If problems occur, buyers can report it to the moderator of the group. The moderator can then ban that person for the group.

This is much quicker than eBay’s policy of reporting swindlers, due to the fact that a package could take a very long time to arrive. By then it may be too late for eBay to intervene, if the seller made excuses as to why the item was taking longer than usual.

Facebook garage sale groups are the newest and quickest way to sell unwanted items online. They offer a simplicity and ease that Facebook users have embraced, and the groups will only grow in size in the years to come. The next time you need to sell something, try the online Facebook way for a quick and easy way to get cash fast.