Stadium scores jumbotron

Scoreboard Installation, 2014
Dion Burns, left, and Charlie McGinnis of Texas Scoreboard Services, Conroe, install the new scoreboard at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium in Kilgore. The scoreboard contains a large LED video display. PHOTO SPECIAL TO THE FLARE

A new football season always requires changes. R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium is shared by the Kilgore High School and KC, and now both teams will be able to enjoy the brand new state-of-the-art jumbotron scoreboard.

The scoreboard was installed during the summer and it’s almost impossible to miss. Its measurements are 32’W x 24’H x 8”. The digits on the scoreboard will be presented in red and the custom striping will be cardinal red.  The biggest feature on this scoreboard is the Custom Video Display.

Its measurements are 13.01’ H x 22.02’ W 20mm. (192 x 336 pixel matrix).

The video display will replay game action and will also display names and pictures of the players throughout the game.

Other features include a non-illuminated sign, Decorative Truss, Decorative Truss Backlit Logo, and a Custom XSB-10 Sound System.

All the features that go along with the scoreboard itself, except for the sound system, was provided by NEVCO, which is the Integrated Display and Scoring Solutions Company.

The jumbotron scoreboard cost an estimated $300,000. It was paid for by supporters from the Kilgore community.

According to athletic director Jimmy Rieves, eight businesses bought advertisement for static signage that will always remain on the scoreboard to help pay for it.

Opportunities exist for video commercial advertisements to generate revenue every year.

“It brings a new way to bring the experience closer to the fans,” Rieves said.

Both teams will get to try their hand at the new scoreboard this Friday and Saturday when they take the field for the first time at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium.