Friends bond over hip-hop

Delvanté Fluellen and Victor Johnson have been contacted by national record labels recognizing their music. PHOTOGRAPH BY MARIA ZAPATA / THE FLARE
Delvanté Fluellen and Victor Johnson have been contacted by national record labels recognizing their music. PHOTOGRAPH BY MARIA ZAPATA / THE FLARE

To understand the journey of these two students we must first go back to where it all started.
In the Devall Student Center, Victor Johnson (20) and Delvanté Fluellen (20) were nothing more than two acquaints playing ping-pong together to relax during the stressful days of college life.
One day Johnson was walking across the bridge and saw Fluellen leaving the Anne Dean Turk Fine Arts Building where he had choir.
It was then they realized they were both passionate about hip-hop music and the two began recording music soon after.
Johnson graduated Longview High School and attended Navarro his freshman year but came to KC because he felt more comfortable being close to his home in Longview.
He had to overcome several hardships throughout his life.
Being raised by his grandmother Johnson appreciates his struggle because it has shaped him into the person that he is today.
He also mentions that Edwards the KC housing director has helped mentor him and stay focused with school.
Going by the name Vic or 5-Star Johnson, he has accomplished more in one year than many hip hop artist have in their entire career.
Three major labels have reached out to Johnson including, Def Jam, Atlantic and Columbia. He has also received tweets from people as far as Chile who enjoy his music.
The mayor of Longview, Jay Dean, has named Johnson the official rapper of Longview.
His father, grandmother and his faith with God has helped him overcome his obstacles and drives him with his passion for music. In less than one year, Johnson has put out four mix-tapes and multiple singles.
Grammy nominated producers who have worked with acts such as Wiz Khalifa want to record music with him.
After KC Johnson is looking into going to Concordia University in Austin to study kinesiology. He will continue to work on his music because it is still his passion.
More importantly he wants to receive his degree.
“Success will come either way for me,” Johnson said.
He has achieved so much in such little time but he says that he wouldn’t be where he is today if it was not for meeting his good friend Fluellen.
Fluellen, who has been nominated for the 2014 Homecoming Court, lives his life by the motto, “Failure is not an option.”
Like Johnson, Fluellen has had to overcome struggles in his life as well and uses that motivation to be a better musician and person also.
He has been in choir since a sophomore at Gladewater High School and is currently the bass singer in the KC Chorale.
Influenced by the Rapper Currency, Fluellen has the hard work and dedication to keep his dream alive.
Going by the stage name of Dest la vie, a play on words meaning, “That’s life.” He has a new upcoming mix tape this year and plans on graduating from KC and receiving his bachelors degree in audio engineering at Stephen F. Austin State Universtity.
Fluellen and Johnson have accomplished many goals and the future looks bright for these young men.
With plans on creating an organization for kids and teenagers who have been dealt a rough life, Fluellen is more than just a man behind a microphone.
Nothing is more important to him than graduating with his bachelor’s degree and being able to take care of his family. Fluellen is the third person from his family to graduate college and music will always be his passion.
Some call it faith, some call it destiny but since the day that these two men met each other their lives have changed for the better.
Despite the amazing music that these two men produce, record, mix and master, the most important thing about them is that they strive to make their selves better people each day.
They push each other, not only in music but in life also.
Their hard work and dedication to their music reflects on the humble gracious men these two friends have become.
Listen to their new song “No Luv” that recently just came out. You can listen to 5-star’s music on sound cloud under 5Star_20 and on Datpiff search for “5-star See what I see.” Johsnon’s Twitter is “5star_20” and Fluellen’s Twitter is “ElPaperPilot.”