Spring Break doesn’t have to break bank

Photo Illustration by Will Pritchard / THE FLARE With one week of classes left, students are making Spring Break plans.
Photo Illustration by Will Pritchard / THE FLARE
With one week of classes left, students are making Spring Break plans.

Spring break is coming up soon and that means a school-free week for college students. Some students will be packing to go away on vacation, while others will stay at home.
The average college student spends around $1,100 toward spring break activities, according to bestvalueschools.com. Like the KC student population, spring break budgets and plans will vary differently from each other.
Samantha Collier, Groveton freshman, is heading to Louisiana to celebrate Mardi Gras by going to parades and sightseeing.
Samantha knows she is going to spend a lot of money but plans on having fun.
Whether going away or staying local, there are ways of saving money and still have a great vacation.
Staying at home might not be the most appealing option, but it is the cheapest.
Miguel Cabrera, Longview freshman, will be staying at home and plans on sleeping and playing soccer on the weekends. His spring break budget is $100. He plans on saving money by eating at home.
If going away is not an option, then take a day trip to a local tourist attraction. There might be an undiscovered place close to home.
If there is not enough time to look around, then go to the movies. Going to the movie theater is like a two-hour adventure, or make use of the DVD player at home. The popcorn is cheaper and hitting the pause button is not a problem.
While at home or in a hotel, this free time could also be used practically by studying.
Study times do not need to be long. Just take some time every day to work on school projects, so there will not be a mound of homework stacked up by the time spring break is over.
Another practical option is to clean out the closet. Take out any unwanted clothes and donate them. Some thrift stores offer money for used clothing, so that money could be used for an even better spring break.
Various small jobs can also be used to gain extra cash, such as car washing, dog walking and babysitting.
Elizabeth Coti, Longview freshmen, will be staying at home for spring break, and babysitting her nephew. She plans on saving money by staying with parents.
“I don’t have any money, so I can’t spend money.” Coti said.
Spring break is a great time to catch up on sleep. Schoolwork and waking up early for classes will start soon enough.
Still desire a vacation away from home but have a small budget? Then take a short vacation. A weekend away would use fewer resources and cost less then the whole week.
For further savings look online. Most hotels, bus tickets and plane tickets offer a better rate online.
Whether staying at home or going away, just being a college student could help save money. Stores offer discounts for having a student ID, for instance coffee places, clothing stores and some hotels.
Check ahead of time to see if they offer any discounts for college students.